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Truck just started acting up this past week. Was driving the other night and driving 70 with the cruise on, it felt like the brakes would drag every once in awhile, then go away. This was running stock, no chip. I yanked the DP out earlier in the evening due to other issues that don't need to be discussed here.

Fast forward to yesterday I noticed it was acting kinda doggy. Got home and it was idling about 100* higher than normal (~400*, normal around 300ish after cool down) and the idle speed is around 7-800, which is higher than normal. Check engine light is on, but I haven't scanned it yet. But I'm going to guess I'm going to get the P0263 again; #1 cylinder contribution/Balance Fault.

Other codes I had were:
P0473-Exhaust Back Pressure Sensor Circuit High Input
P0471-Exhaust Back Pressure Sensor Circuit Performance
P1210-Injection Control Pressure Above Expected Level
P1211-ICP Not Controllable - Pressure Abow/Below Desired

I think I have an injector out or going out. Any thoughts?
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