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1/8 Mile Drag Suggestions Wanted

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I have the opportunity to visit the local 1/8 mile raceway with my truck this weekend and i'm wondering if i can get some advice...

What tire pressure should i start with?...i most likely won't have a compressor and will have to drive home with whatever i race for pressure...

Any advice for getting a good light the first few times?

Will i have to worry about EGT's in 1/8 mile?

Any advice on the launch? boost to XX while lighting the pre-stage lights and then creep forward w/o loosing boost??

What ET/MPH should i expect to see, or be happy with considering my limited mods?

Thanks :D
hopefully me and a fellow Nation member will have our first timeslips after this weekend
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Tire pressure: Just make sure it's the same if you're running in 4wd. I ran 65 or 70 with no traction problems in 4wd.

**Make sure hubs are locked.**

Stage: Engage transfer case into 4hi. Get the first light on, then build boost. don't go very far into the 1st light or you'll creep into the 2nd while trying to build boost. I had build boost in stages, more fuel, more brake, more fuel, more brake, etc........... Eventually I couldn't hold more than about 13lb (think I need to adjust rear brakes) without creeping. Then back off the brake just a little to let it creep into the 2nd light. When the 2nd light comes on, stomp hard on the brake and hold it. Don't let off the fuel at all during this process!
Don't pay any attention to the guy in the other lane. Burnouts and open headers are way overrated.
Don't pay any attention to the guy in the other lane. This cost me my first light.

The launch: The lights will count down, and you want to get off the brake and hammer down as soon as the last yellow comes on, and definately before the green shows. Hold the happy pedal down until you get to the end.

The end: It seems like an eternity to get to the 1/4 mile mark. I'd expect your truck to be 15-16 sec. On the 1st pass, watch the pyro. Don't make too many passes if it runs hot.

The most fun is beating a turbo BMW. He had severe traction problems in every gear. :hehe: He was running about 100mph at the 1/4, and I was 80-81mph. I still got him by .003 sec.:D:ford::redspotdance:
Also entertaining is towing the gasser back to his pits that ran out of fuel on the return road.
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