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What a long strange trip it's been.

I'm glad I could join you guys. There are some awesome rides on here and plenty of obviously talented enthusiasts. I look forward to contributing however I can.

I am not too new to the forum thing or the Powerstroke thing, just to this Powerstroke Forum.

I am also new to this particular truck. (I've had 7.3's in the past.) This basket case landed in my lap for next to nothing because it has the usual 6.0 failure. The HUEI pump. I ordered an EGR Delete and the gasket kits, some fresh batteries & fluids so far. I'm still not decided on which injector pump to go with and how much else to do in the process. I'd be glad to hear suggestions at any time on any thing. I haven't started much yet except to check the pressure output and determine the high pressure pump failure.

This should be a fun adventure. And by "this" I mean the next stage of my life. The whole game is about to change.

Stay tuned. And thanks in advance for the community. Cheers.

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