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whole dash has to come off, then you just unbolt and unplug the radio

Its kind of a pain the first time, but I can have mine out in about 10 minutes now. Biggest part is getting all the little harnesses unplugged.


1.) Set the parking brake, put the steering wheel all the way down and shift it down to 1st.
2.) Grab the dash with your thumbs into the gauge bezel and pull out, this should unsnap everything around there and you should be able to work along the top towards the passenger side.
3.) Now work the bottom side out and get all the harnesses unplugged, will vary by what options you have but should be about 9 or so harnesses that will be fairly obvious.
4.) with all harnesses disconnected rotate the dash over the steering wheel, putting the wheel into the gauge bezel opening and then it should just come up and out.
5.) I think they are 8mm bolts holding the radio in, will be 4 of them, just unbolt them and pull it out and should just be a single harness connected to the back.
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