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So the problem started last week, after the truck had sat for about 3 hours it started up then stalled after 6 seconds or so. Started it again and only ran for half a second then died. Did this a few more times. Finally started hiccuped, have it throttle and it stayed running. It did throw a code for the crank sensor once. Cleared it and the code never came back. Changed crank and cam sensor anyways since I had new ones as spares. The problem only seemed to happen after the truck has sat for more than 3 hours and it was worse the longer is had sat; however, today is did it after running into the store. Here are some numbers from monitoring with the torque app. Ficm is always 48.5-49.5. Batteries drop to 11.6-11.8 after shutting down. Voltage while running 13.5-13.8. starter never seems slow to start.
Koeo: ipr 14.7 hpop 1.7-4.6
Hot idle: hpop 585 +/- 15 ipr 21.6-22
Cold idle: hpop 650 +/-25 ipr 22-23
Wot: hpop 3300+ ipr 68-69
While cranking with the start stall issue:
Hpop 400-600 or so ipr 84 (hard to really tell as I think the torque app and obd2 dongle are slow to register).

I did notice a month and a half ago the hfcm relay is missing under the hood but never had any problems. I did notice the problem happened after filling up with fuel. Oil change done 1000 miles ago shell rotella t6 15w-40 motorcraft filter and cap. Fuel filters changed 5000 miles ago. Randomly the oil pressure gauge won't register at idle but I'm getting a code for the oil pressure switch. I think it's just coincidence.

I did an injector a month ago and the dummy plugs and stand pipes looked okay on the passenger side. A little flatness on the o-rings but not bad. Not sure what to check next.
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