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'06 Powerstroke or '06 Duramax

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'06 Powerstroke or '06 Duramax or other?

for the the family business we are looking for a new pickup
used mostly to just pull a 16 foot cargo trailer with the paint sprayers for striping up and down the road
having a really hard time taking ourselves into trying a 6 liter
anyone around here been around both a '06 6 liter Auto and a '06 Duramax Auto(6spd)?
how do they compare?
what do you suggest to look out for?

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For a work truck, Ford all the way.

Duramax is nice and fast, but I hope you like being jerked around like a rag doll when you hook a load to it.

Feels like a station wagon towing a house trailer.

alright new question!

have the opportunity to pickup a '03 Crew Long Lariat F350 4x4 7.3L W/ only 38K Miles black and tan w/ sunroof:ford:

only thing i dont like is the Captain Chairs:(

whats your insight?
jump or hold off for 6liter (never had one before-dont know if i need to run or not!)
JUMP! that is a great deal to find one with low miles and I would rather have the 7.3 for reliability reasons. (dont flame me jmo)

I would take a 38K 7.3 rather than a brand new 6.0. :ford:
Seats are easy to change
I would have an experienced professional body man check it out and give his opinion. Pay for someone to inspect it if you have to.

Like aljay said, way too many ways to cut corners. Building them back right takes time and money.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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