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'06 Powerstroke or '06 Duramax

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'06 Powerstroke or '06 Duramax or other?

for the the family business we are looking for a new pickup
used mostly to just pull a 16 foot cargo trailer with the paint sprayers for striping up and down the road
having a really hard time taking ourselves into trying a 6 liter
anyone around here been around both a '06 6 liter Auto and a '06 Duramax Auto(6spd)?
how do they compare?
what do you suggest to look out for?

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But if you go to sell it, buyers might not like that marked title. It will do what you want now with work and all, but might be problematic for a future sale. I'd never own a 6.0 from family experiance so I'd go with the Duramax. Good luck on your choice, keep us posted.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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