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05 grill conversion

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Anyone thats done this. Whats involved to make it fit ?
debateing on whether I should put in a billet grill or the 05 conversion.
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PM JohnT he did it to his Early 99. He can tell you what to do & what not to do!
Not a fan of the billit grills, I just can never really get into them. I personally like the newer 05 grill just because it looks tough! :fordoval:
Well you did get me there Buff, your truck looks good with it. :D
But your's fills in the gaps, the one I saw on an 01 was a whole grill replacement. I'm not sure who made it but it just looked too cheap for me. I think the billit grills look good when you stick some emblems like the trucker girl or a big Ford badge on it. But once again those are just my tastes.
1 - 3 of 28 Posts
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