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Hi Yall,

Brand new to this forum and was hoping that I could get a few opinions of my possible problem. I've been wrenching on gas motors and farm tractors all my life but this motor I feel like a high school kid lookin at a!!
So I took my truck to the local Ford dealer on 27Aug11 for a full service and tires. I bought the truck in May 2011 and wasn't sure what had been serviced and what hadn't. They replaced both fuel filters, did LOF, flushed coolant, flushed tranny, and replaced all 6 tires. Prior to taking the truck in for service it ran great!! 2 days after taking it in I had a problem pullin a hill with the truck, the motor was missing and actually shook the cab. When I got to where I was going it smelled like liquid diesel so I looked under the truck but couldn't see anything dripping. Then it just quit doing it and didn't do it for weeks after that so I didn't think too much of it. Over the last month and a half it has started doing it more often and then about a week ago it started getting really bad and now the truck is basically undriveable. It has an appointment to go back to the dealer for them to see if it's anything that they did.

The truck is completely stock and they used Motorcraft 15W40 oil in the LOF.
They did miss that the air filter was bad and like a dummy I trusted them I won't do that again. I replaced the air filter last week with a new NAPA filter. The truck shows no codes, no check engine light, doesn't run hot and doesn't run rough when cold just does it warm. I've rechecked the oil several times and it's always in the middle of the hashmarks. The truck has been getting harder to start as the weather cools and it's not even winter so I'm concerned a little bout that. Any other info that I need to get yall just let me know...

I hope that someone can give me a few ideas so that I can know if my dealer is tryin to feed me a line of cow dung?? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated...Thanks
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