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Thinking about selling my 2 '04 trucks, so I can have money to put towards a F series rollback. Both trucks are Tx rust free with Tx clear blue titles. So here's the story on them.

I bought my black F350 dually a few years ago. I absolutely loved the truck. Did a couple upgrades on it, and only putting around town with it. I bought it will 99k miles on it, and think it may have around 125k now. I work in Afghanistan, and my wife allowed my son to drive it one day to take his girl friend home. On the way back, he lost control of it in the rain. Road goes left...truck goes straight. Being that he was not an "insured" driver on the truck policy, I decided not to claim it. Just figured I would fix it and drive it. As you can see, it needs a front clip, radiator, intercooler, etc. Local body shop came out and said it needs 2 hrs of frame time. They said it looks worse than it is.

Aftermarket parts I installed:
Lund rollpan - never pulled with it, but does have gooseneck ball in bed.
Clear lights all the way around
Lund in channel visors
Autometer pillar with Autometer gauges - EGT, boost, oil
Dieselsite billet coolant filter kit
Banks dual exhaust
Airdogg 2 fuel pump kit
Stage I fuel line upgrade - Stage II still in the box. Think its Trusted Performance
Pioneer speakers
Aftermarket parts that I was "told" it has when I bought it:
Tuned - but SCT tuner wasnt there
ARP head studs
EGR delete kit
Aftermarket parts that are on my shelf:
Turbonetics ceramic ball bearing 6.0 turbo upgrade
BW manifolds
Powershot 2000 propane kit minus the tank

And Im sure Im forgetting other stuff.

I came across this grey '04 FX4, and decided to buy it. The guy I bought it from said it was stolen from his driveway. He reported it to the cops. Cops recover it. It was missing the drivetrain...meaning NO engine, transmission, transfercase, and driveshafts. Obviously the frontend and rearend is there. They also stole the front seat, stereo, plastic dash trim piece that goes around the stereo, running boards, and bed cover. Like me, the truck was paid for, and wasnt worth claiming the insurance. And his Mother bought him something different.

Things I can see aftermarket:
Rancho suspension
Banks single exhaust
Aftermarket door speaker - He said JL Audio

Ive been on the fence about what to do with them. Fix both? Make one out of 2? Multiple options, but now thinking about selling them to buy a rollback since Im working on my dealers license.

Feel free to make offers. All I can say is no. The one thing I will not consider at this time is to part them out. Im in Afghanistan and have no way of stripping them. Looking to sell as a package, just dont know what to ask. Might possibly put them on Ebay next month.


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Where at in Texas? Would be more interested in the black truck if you'd split the 2 up. How's the interior? Also is the fiberglass pass running board shot? Also the bed board on drivers side?

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To be honest, I'm in Afghanistan and dont quite remember. I believe its ok other than being out of shape from wrinkled fender.

Also the driver side board is fine, just laying in the bed.

Also added Fluidamper and folding bed cover (missing attachment bolts) to the list of parts on the shelf. Will add more as I remember.
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