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ROUND 3....For months I thought the small "orange hose" on the left side of my 04 6.0 Excursion was SLOWLY leaking. And all the threads pointed to that! After purchasing a replacement (Blue hose) and watching the orange one MORE closely I realized no leak from that area. BUT still a puddle under the passenger seat on the ground and continuous coolant dripping on the starter!! Over the past month the situation has gotten worse, add coolant get a big puddle........

WALA this AM my dog and I go for a ride using high heat on when we stop I look under the hood and finally see the little DRIP!!!! CAUGHT IT IN THE ACT*%*%*%*% Looks like it's coming from the heater hose at the Y connection and dripping on the valve cover and running down the back of the engine onto the starter. All this makes sense NOW:)

Looks like the heater hose has a metal clamp connecting to the control valve and "thick black rings" farther up the hose toward the fire wall AND THAT IS WHERE THE LEAK IS. At the Y in the heater hose next to the fire wall. Looks like a molded hose up to and above the Y???

Can anyone point me to pictures or web posting showing how the replace this hose assembly? OR is it OK to just use metal clamps to see if that fixes it???

Thanks Diesel Buddies

PS.....I stopped by Rudy's the other day to meet and talk with him. Great guy very up front and he will be doing some delete work for me soon.
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