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Picked up a 03 crew cab 4x4 with a blown up 6.0, i also had a 95 dodge cummins that the body was quite literally rotted off the frame. So i decided to make my dream truck. When i started this project i wanted to stay with what i know and that involved keeping the entire dodge motor trans and tcase ( and the truck was bought without that also). I decided to build and do everything i possibly could without buying much.

So, on to the project. First thing was to get the Ford drivetrain out. I lifted the cab 3" to help with removal and decided During the process to put a 3"body lift on it to help with clearance with everything including the tires. Doing so i could make my motor mounts that would use the factory fan, use the stock turbo and manifold instead of the industrial, and also give plenty of clearance to remove the head later if needed.

Few things i learned that I'd wish i learned earlier. The factory Ford fan shroud is very deep, i could have moved the engine even farther forward than i did and still clear the radiator, crossmember does not stay up without bolts like a dodge does. (Painfully found out). And i think these trucks were designed for a cummins.

With using the 47rh the factory Ford trans cooling lines will fit to the trans with little modifying,

Today i plan on bolting the motor in, getting the trans and tcase in so i can get working on the drive Shafts.

I'll try and keep this updated with pics and useful info as best i can. I'm now working on tedious stuff like wiring, adapting the Ford shifter to the dodge shift lever, finding the gas pedal and floor mounted 4x4 shifter, ect.
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