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I have a 03 6.0 that will crank over but wont start hit it with small VERY small amount of starting fluid and it will crank and cut right back off. Oil pressure guage in the dash is not showing any oil pressure. I took the cap off the oil filter had my dad crank it over and it will fill up the oil filter slowly but it will. The code i have pulled out og it are :
P0046 turbo/supercharger bypass valve control circuit range/performance
P0069 Manifold absolute pressure/barometric correlation
P0102 mass air circuit low (had the air intake off)
P132B turbocharger/supercharger boost control A performance
P0480 Vistronic drive fan (VDF) primary circuit malfunction
P0673 cylinder 3 glow plug circuit
P0674 cylinder 4 golw plug circuit
P2199 intake ait tempature 1/2 correlation
p2269 water in fuel condition.
The FCIM voltage sits at 47.7 volts with the key on and droped to 47.4 while cranking. I really need some help on this one thanks.

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You have multiple issues going on most likely.

As a start ....

It is always a bad idea IMO to try to get it started w/ starting fluid - but especially if you are not getting any oil pressure .....

Are your batteries good - I mean have you charged them and then load tested them individually?

The slow filling of the oil filter sounds like an oil pump (LPOP issue). However, there are a few HPOP system failures that will keep you from building low pressure oil pressure.

Have you ever drained the HFCM?
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