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I have an 03 engine that I have off for headgaskets wit 109k on it and I discovered it needs a piston as well. Block is damage free, cross hatching is perfect. Brand new Blocked EGR on it, not even 300 miles on that, newer reman turbo, FICM has proper voltage. if it wasn't for replacing the headgaskets, I never would have noticed the piston. Never knocked or anything. Hypermax 3 stage chip which works amazing! it does train the tranny as well. I also have a set of brand new Hypermax headgaskets and brand new bolts I can sell as well. Text or calling would be the fastest way to get a hold of me. My number is 630-669-7530. Not everything I have are in the pictures as well. Stock Torque Converter is also for sale! Not sure what everything is worth so if you have any questions on what I have, ask, and we can work out a price.

Also will be interested in trade for 12v cummins parts/swap parts, or accessories for my superduty as well.

If it's not on this list, I still have it:
Turbo (still have pedistal)
EGR Valve
Glow plug buses and module
Dip Stick

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