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so i just bought a 01 7.3 seems to run like a top sound as can be besides normal play at the wheel and the puddle of fuel in the valley from the valve on the bowl... so im hearing alot about the torque pro app... now these are 6.0 guys.. butttt i decided to look into it i dont seee why i shouldnt waste the 25 bucks and try out the obd thingy.. just happens my kid got grounded and dont ask me why he has one but he had a new samsung :) dads gonna borrow it hahha... sooo i see alot about pids and values and what not is their any where i can find or learn about the 7.3 pids and values for the proper function of the app and bluetooth device ... PLEASE SHARE ALL LINKS ( im not affraid to learn)

thank yall in advance
2001 7.3 f250 crew cab
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