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Well my dad has give me his '00 f250. He had his left lower leg amputated from diabetes and can no longer drive the truck because the clutch is too much for him to push... So now I have some ideas I want to do to it and have some questions since it's my first diesel...

It is a California truck

Intake: Im leaning towards the S&B intake...I have only ran AEM intakes on my vehicles( all gas). I have seen the home made intakes on here but I don't like the looks of it....looking for some performance gains and gas mileage increase.

Exhaust: I want the sound of the turbo spooling up but I have no idea of brand or size of the piping...CA Has no emissions testing and it has no catalytic converter

Headlights: I want HIDs but I know these are a single bulb and require an extra harness for the hi and low beam to work. What are the experiences with this set up... 50% of my driving is out in back roads near farm land so there are no street lights to illuminate the roads...again no idea on brands that work for the trucks..

Programmers: I know the edge evolution is a nice tuner and I know SCT is good tuner as well. The truck already has EGT and Boost gauges on the A-pillar so the edge isn't needed. I have good experience with the SCT For my wife's mustang and know the capabilities.. But I'm open to everyone's experiences with all programmers. I not looking for huge HP gains...just a little more performance out of it with intake and exhaust set ups... I will be doing some towing with it towing my 25 ft boat and enclosed quad trailer...
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