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I hope I’m not double posting on this topic. I’ve read in some threads but I don’t think my question has specifically been addressed.

I’m about to do a 4x4 conversion on my OBS dually using 05+ axles and coils. I want to swap the rear axle as well so I can run disc brakes all the way around. I’m pretty familiar with what’s all required to make this happen. I’m about to order some new 8 on 170 wheels (polished bullet hole style).
My only question is this. Will the calipers from a rear 05+ SD DRW axle fit inside 16” wheels? I’ve heard that some grinding on the calipers needs to happen? If it’s minor then that’s fine but I don’t want to be hacking them up too bad.
Trying to maintain the period-correct look of the OBS so I don’t really want to go to 18” wheels but I guess I will if I have too. Plus I’m a fan of the wide aggressive AT look on those rims.
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