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  1. 4r100 valvebody issues

    [7.3L - Aftermarket & Performance]
    Finished up a bd stage 4 build it kit install on my 99 f250 rwd reverse 1,2, and 4 gear are good and solid with nice smooth crisp shifts driving down the road once it goes into 3rd gear and you put any power to it, 3rd gear slips and drops to second gear, 3rd gear will only come back for a few...
  2. 99 f250 7.3 Trans Slip in 4th Lock-up only BAD Converter?

    7.3L Power Stroke Technical Info
    I’m having an issue with my trans in my 1999 f250 7.3 ,when my trucks in a tune that puts out more power then stock my trans will slip only while the converters locked while doing 45+ under load getting on it a bit , it’ll be pulling good and then just feel like it’s in neutral and Rpms shoot up...
  3. Thrust bearing failure on 6.4

    [6.4L - Aftermarket & Performance]
    I have experienced 2 thrust bearing failures on 2 brand new Motors Within A Thousand Miles of installation. I don't believe it's the engine builders fault at this point as they are Powerstroke specialist and have a great reputation. Something is exerting an external forward force on the...
  4. TC lockup switch questions

    [7.3L - Aftermarket & Performance]
    Hey guys i am wanting to put a TC lockup switch in my truck as ive herd it has benafits but im curious if there is a way to wire up a switch to where your tc will lock and unlock like normal but then can be locked and unlocked manually with the switch. Ive herd of people using 3 position Toggles...