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  1. Transmission Related
    Hey guys, I’m sure this has been covered a LOT. Just can’t find my exact issue. To start out I have an 03 6.0 been deleted and tuned, fass pump, 205/30 injectors, and it’s lifted 8-10 inches on 38s. 4x4. so the issue I’m having is that the torque converter seems to be losing its power and keeps...
  2. 7.3L Power Stroke Technical Info
    I’m having an issue with my trans in my 1999 f250 7.3 ,when my trucks in a tune that puts out more power then stock my trans will slip only while the converters locked while doing 45+ under load getting on it a bit , it’ll be pulling good and then just feel like it’s in neutral and Rpms shoot up...
1-2 of 2 Results