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  1. 01 f250 pulls right just as coming to a complete stop

    [7.3L - Technical Info]
    Just before coming to a complete stop the brake pedal gives a bit and it pulls hard to the right. Abs light came on and it quit doing it. But abs light went of when I shut the truck off. And it has been doing it ever since. Any ideas please let me know. Thanks.
  2. 08 F350 - Door Ajar, Check Brake System Warnings, & Climate Control Lights Stay On

    6.4L Power Stroke - Technical Info
    I'm truly stumped, my truck has been in my shop for the past couple months and I've been using my 6.0 dually lately (moving shops). I occasionally started the 6.4, last time was about 3 weeks ago and no issues. Started it up the other day and I'm getting the following: 1. Door Ajar (yet dome...
  3. 00-04 Ford Super Duty / Excursion trackbar repair bracket

    Suspension-Related Items
    (For sale $350) 2000 to 2004 Ford Super Duty F250, F350 and 2000-2005 Excursion 4X4 replacement spring perch, sway bar, and track bar / Sway Bar mount repair kit. Also fits F450 and F550 2 and 4 wheel drive trucks with leaf spring front end. The original spring perch and sway bar mount on the...
  4. An interesting 7.3 find in fuel bowl

    7.3L Power Stroke Technical Info
    So yesterday I installed a new fuel filter and as I was I noticed something around my fuel warmer inside the fuel bowl so as I drained it it became very obvious that what I was looking at was 3 o-rings like the ones that go around the bottom on the fuel bowl lid? Anyone ever seen this?