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shifting problems

  1. 5r110w progressive decline

    Transmission Related
    **About a year ago I noticed a decline in fuel economy but I contributed that to a larger tire and didn't think twice about it. **6 months ago the struck started to have 5th gear flare under hard acceleration. **1 month ago 5th gear flare was so bad I started lifting so the shift would engage...
  2. E4OD 2-3 issues

    Transmission Related
    Hey everyone! New here and looking for some advice! I’ve got a 97 7.3psd with everyone’s favourite E4OD...I’ve Been having some transmission issues for a while now and been trying to fix it myself.. the truck shifts fine from 1-2 but when shifting into 3rd it almost hesitates.. it seems to go...
  3. 1996 F350 E4OD PROBLEMS!!!

    1994-1997 Power Stroke Technical Info
    Hello I never liked Fords, but I stupidly decided to go buy one. It was a $400 "mechanic's special". It runs great, has a 7.3 powerstroke diesel, crew cab dually 2wd. It only had reverse when I bought it, so I pulled the trans fully rebuilt it myself. The problem was the drive clutch pack was...