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rough idle

  1. No oil to left bank. Pressure but????

    7.3L Power Stroke Technical Info
    Hey guys, I have a 02 F350 7.3, A month ago lost power towing our excavator. Got the truck home but rattle like hell. So far we have changed out the IDM, ICP, and the IPR. New Injectors and pump from Swamps two years ago. We have check all wiring from the IDM thru the valve cover and all...
  2. Slight Idle Fluctuation

    [7.3L - Technical Info]
    Hey y'all, I'm posting here for the first time because I can't figure out what is causing the slight fluctuation in the idle of my 2001 7.3L, I bought it with 156,000 mi and it's at just over 162,500 mi now. It had some issues and trouble codes and I have just been throwing shiny new parts at...
  3. rough idle after start 1995 psd

    1994-1997 Power Stroke Technical Info
    Truck starts and idles fine then after about 15 seconds or so goes into a choppy idle and check engine light comes on. Put in gear it smooths out and picks up a couple hundred rpm's. Idles same in park and neutral . No codes.