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  1. New To The Nation
    I am in the market for a truck and have always liked the obs fords but need a crew cab to fit the family. Pair that with living in the north east and they are definitely hard to come by. I stumbled upon one last night and am actually going to look at it tonight. Its a 97 CCLB with no rust...
  2. General Questions & Discussion
    So had the whole 6.0 experience and 10k later it's sold. Tried to go back to a gasser, can't do it. So I found a (I believe) late 99 350 4x4 DRW with a zf6, now the guys is asking 13.5k for it with 267k on the clock, looks clean, haven't yet gone to check it out yet. So my questions are, what...
1-2 of 2 Results