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  1. 7.3L Power Stroke Technical Info
    I got a (early) 1999 f250 7.3 power stroke and since I’ve bought the truck two years ago I have been fighting a hard steering problem I’ve changed the power steering pump 5 times now have reman motor craft pump in now( which seems to be the best yet) changed the hydro boost twice the gear box 3...
  2. 7.3L Power Stroke Technical Info
    Just replaced the power steering pump and now it sounds like either the pump or pulley is squealing pretty decent but not as much to worry to much I don't think.. And is there anyway to get more boost out of the factory turbo.. it's in a 2001 f350 DWR with the 7.3..
  3. 7.3L Power Stroke Technical Info
    New ps pump, new hydrobooster, running Amsoil ATF, works great almost turning 38s with lots of negative offset, but when just idling or driving slow you can really hear it whining, any ideas Thanks
1-3 of 3 Results