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power loss

  1. HELP was loss of power - now no start; (I've looked all over for answers)

    7.3L Power Stroke Technical Info
    How it came when I bought it in June with 230,000 miles: 2002 F250 7.3L diesel Lariat 4 door 6.5' bed; aftermarket intake, 6"lift, 37" mudding tires, off-roading heavy duty front bumper with LED lights, non-functioning EGT pyrometer and turbo boost gauges, nice sounding speakers (may be...
  2. 2002 e450 7.3l white smoke & power loss :(

    7.3L Power Stroke Technical Info
    Hi every one, Im Matt, new to the school bus and diesel world, going through complications, on my 2002 Ford E450 7.3l (Thomas Short Bus). I bought the bus in december and drove it from San Diego to San Fransisco without having this issue at all. I’ve been parked since and have ran the engine...