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  1. 1994-1997 Power Stroke Technical Info
    Hello, I have trolled around this sight but am still kinda lost on this truck. ‘95 e350 ambulance, 4x4 and automatic. Truck was running fine, although I kinda expected better. It’s been setting a lot but I recently got it out and moved it around for a potential buyer. Wail idling it died...
  2. 6.0L Power Stroke Technical Info
    2003 F350 lariat. Short history:…I just purchased.. supposed to be an alarm issue they took out .. day of I tried to turn truck over (one good battery and one bad battery). I heard injectors buzz, no fuel pump hum.. tried second time no injection buzz but fuel pump continues to run now...
  3. [7.3L - Technical Info]
    Well I decided to get a hydra for my e99 f350. Today I went to pull the pcm and install the hydra, but when I pulled the pcm I found out that there was no sticker on the plastic peice that said the code. I've heard that you can get the code from the VIN somehow, but there's an issue with that as...
  4. 6.4L Power Stroke - Technical Info
    Hey guys! Does anyone have an ECM/PCM pinout diagram for a 2009 6.4 Ford f-550 cab and chassis? Thanks in advance!
  5. Transmission Related
    **About a year ago I noticed a decline in fuel economy but I contributed that to a larger tire and didn't think twice about it. **6 months ago the struck started to have 5th gear flare under hard acceleration. **1 month ago 5th gear flare was so bad I started lifting so the shift would engage...
  6. New To The Nation
    Hi guys! I was installing a hydra tuner and fried my PCM. I got a new one in that’s supposed to be programmed to my truck already. Still have no start... got a scanner hooked up and it’s spitting these codes?? Truck ran great before PCM fried, could it have fried the IDM or something else?
  7. 1994-1997 Power Stroke Technical Info
    Might have to change out my powertrain computer aka PCM but wanna make sure it’s truly bad first. Is there a performance one I can buy for my 97 f-350 crew cab instead of getting a rebuilt and buying a hydra chip?
  8. 7.3L Power Stroke Technical Info
    I recently bought a nice 7.3 powerstroke which had a lot of work done to it. But the main issue its having is a misfire, and i was wondering if the pcm could be the issue? It has ab stamped injectors ive been told, and recently got new under valve cover harnesses (he did them at my work). If...
1-8 of 8 Results