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no start

  1. 2000 7.3 4x4 no crank

    7.3L Power Stroke Technical Info
    I changed the dash harness because the original got destroyed but changed it and but regional owner did funky stuff under the dash just trying to put it back to normal but I have no crank no nothing but lights on dash I checked the nutral safety switch and that was ok and changed the ignition...
  2. 6.0 no start

    [6.4L - Technical Info]
    So i bought the truck not running for cheap cheap its an 02/04 year said the low pressure oil pump went so im new to 6.0 didnt think it would be bad to get it up and running so i replaced the lpop and front cover i have base oil pressure now but wont fire up so i went and got a scanguage2 icp...
  3. Bad injectors? Bad idm? Help!

    [7.3L - Technical Info]
    2000 f250 7.3l, my Hpop lines blew and replaced them and icp sensor, filled the fuel bowl. Had to do the gas trick to get it to start it went about 2 miles fine then lost all power. Towed it home and took the icp sensor out to see if it would shoot oil out and it did replaced the ipr valve...
  4. Crank no start, p0672-3-4-6-8. I've tested my eyes out, kinda losing it

    [6.0L - Technical Info]
    Hey there. Background 07 f250 6.0 pulling codes p0672-3-4-6-8. In the last 20k miles I've rebuilt the FICM and transmission temp sensor. She's been running alright except for hard cold start. The other day I was warming her up and heard a jingling like a belt pulley or something the like was off...
  5. 2003 excursion 6.0 crank no start no chatter

    [6.0L - Technical Info]
    Hello everyone! I’ve been reading a lot on here have have not found anything similar. I’m not sure about how to fix this. I just finished programming my sangauge ii. My ficm is reading 48.5 volts while cranking. I have 14.5 v on my ipr. The icv is 4.5v. I have ficm syc to. History. The truck...
  6. 2003 7.3 Will not start/hard start. Need help

    7.3L Power Stroke Technical Info
    Hi I am new to the form I just bought a 2003 F250 (auction) with 265xxx It has the 7.3L in it but per vin the truck should have the 6.0. when I bought the truck it was missing the battery's a few fuses and the glow plug relay I put the fuses back in and got 2 battery's for it, and new fuel...
  7. Sudden death.....of my truck

    7.3L Power Stroke Technical Info
    Hi folks. My truck started just fine today. I drove it to my wife's school to move some equipment for her. Got it loaded and tried to start. Got the "solenoid rattle" as if I had dead batteries. Put a charger on it, and it showed them as good. The "startup lights" (WTS, CEL, etc) on the...