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  1. 6.0L HIGH BOOST NO POWER 2005 F350

    6.0L Power Stroke Technical Info
    Having an issue with a customers truck, came in with severe misfire, found 4 bad injectors, removed and replaced all 8. replaced oil tube o-rings, stand pipes, and all related gaskets plus fuel filter. (customer was on a tight budget and opted to install AUTOZONE (duralast premium) injectors)...
  2. SCT GTX Caused 6.0 to lose all power on the highway

    911 - Roadside Emergencies
    I bought a SCT GTX and it fried both of my batteries. I called SCT and sent my GTX back. I then bought two brand new batteries and waited for them to return my tuner or a brand new one. Mind you I’ve had the truck for a year and never had a single problem with it. I got the tuner yesterday and...