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  1. 7.3L Power Stroke Technical Info
    so i am finishing putting the motor together and getting ready to put back in truck… then i get to the intake plenums and realize i cant put one bolt on the corner of the passenger side because the front cover is the way. So i just slapped a good amount of motorcraft grey rtv and torqued them...
  2. 6.0L Power Stroke Technical Info
    05 6.0 studded deleted everything got a hot no start so replace ipr icp then replaced hpop ..still had issues started cold instantly and had great pressure when running hot or cold but but once hot and shut off it would only build anywhere from 200icp psi to 300icp psi ipr at 84% then Did the...
  3. 7.3L Power Stroke Technical Info
    So i may have messed up and not covered up my motor as good as i thought, went to go look at it this morning before work and noticed one of the rods and some other things had some surface rust on them. Not a professional by any means and this is my first motor i am rebuilding. Would appreciate...
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    Hey! I am new to the page,
  5. 7.3L Power Stroke Technical Info
    No throttle, check engine light comes on but only after i shut the truck off. Disconnect batteries, wait 10 mins and cel goes away. Been through 3 pedals (01 7.3 5 pin connector) so i know its not the tps themselves its something else going on please help!
  6. 1994-1997 Power Stroke Technical Info
    I have a 1996 f250 auto with a 7.3. it surging around 1800-2000 rpm so i decided to replace the ipr valve. While doing that i did the oil line cross over and fuel bowl delete (still mechanical pump). I filled the rails and hpop res. No fuel leaks and no air in the fuel lines. Checked all valve...
  7. 6.0L Power Stroke Technical Info
    So I normally don’t post one because I’m an introvert and to because normally I can find a problem on another post and fix it. So I’m hoping this problem wasn’t somewhere else but I did look. I’ve had my 6.0 for about two years and I’ve done a lot to it to get it in better working condition but...
  8. Transmission Related
    So, as the title says, I've recently installed a ZF5 NOT a ZF6 into a 7.3 super duty due to yet another 4r100 doing what they do best. Everything was actually plug and play surprisingly, but I've been having issues getting the clutch to disengage. What I did in order or the hydraulics to work...
  9. 1994-1997 General Aftermarket
    let me put a little info out. I got the radio out and then made the bad decision of sniping all of them (not the antenna), but anyways now i cant get the wiring right, and i keep blowing fuses. can anybody help?
  10. 6.0L Power Stroke Technical Info
    I’m working on a 2006 F350 with a 6.0 for someone else. I haven’t worked on the 6.0s before but I have a ton of experience with the 7.3s. Now for the details. History: (from what I was told) Truck has 268k Cranks but doesn’t even try to start I was told that the truck was running fine then just...
  11. General Questions & Discussion
    Got an 08 f250 6.4l powered had a new long block injectors pump arp head studs single turbo upgrade built trans Rudy’s triple disc converter 2200 stall new flex plate done roughly 10k miles ago now developed this tick that’s there sometimes when dead cold but mostly after temps are good and up...
  12. 1994-1997 General Aftermarket
    I'm a long time lurker on these forums, but I finally have a question. I want to buy some four-point/gooseneck mirrors to put on my '96 F350. There are none in the junkyards here (probably picked clean because of them being used as farm trucks so much and me living in BFE 'Bama), so I looked...
  13. 1994-1997 Power Stroke Technical Info
    I’m 100% new to the diesel world, I’ll start with that. I changed the fuel filter, oil, coolant and changed some orings in the AC lines yesterday. After finishing up I let it idle for about 20 min while I cleaned up and to burp the coolant. Went to take it into town and didn’t make it half a...
  14. 1994-1997 Power Stroke Technical Info
    When I let go of the accelerator the truck kind of hiccups, there’s no vibration. it does around 35-45mph Can this occur of a failed idm or... it’s a 1996 F-250 7.3 with 244xxx miles
  15. 1994-1997 Power Stroke Technical Info
    I have a 1996 F-250 with rust can it be repaired
  16. 7.3L Power Stroke Technical Info
    Im new to the powerstroke I have a 96 7.3 Powerstroke and can any one help determine the leak and whats that covered in gunk?
1-16 of 18 Results