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  1. 1994-1997 OBS Power Stroke Aftermarket Performance
    i have a 1997 F250 7.3. I put an electric fuel system on a few months back and it worked perfectly until now. The other day i was driving and it was running rough and erratic and wanted to stall when i was slowing down. I started it up and turned it off a few time when i got home and now it wont...
  2. 6.0L Power Stroke - Aftermarket & Performance
    Hello all, I picked up an 06 lariat 6.0 with 139k a couple weeks ago. I put a 4 inch turbo back, SCT Tuner, and an EGR delete the weekend after I got it. The old man who owned it before me put ARP 625's (I have receipts) since it was his horse trailer truck and wanted it to be reliable. Now, I...
  3. [7.3L - Technical Info]
    Hey guys so I dropped my tanks to clean the frame up on my 96 f350. This is my first diesel so is there anything I should do before firing it back up most of the fuel dripped out of the lines. With work and installing other parts I'm going on 4 weeks with the tanks out?
1-4 of 4 Results