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  1. 1994-1997 OBS Power Stroke Aftermarket Performance
    I’m planning on getting a new exhaust set up for my 97 f250 HD 7.3I super cab long bed, already have a 3 Inch dp but it’s on my stock exhaust. I was going to get a 4 inch straight pipe exiting in front of my rear tire. Will this be obnoxiously loud that will grab police attention? Are there...
  2. 11-16 6.7L Power Stroke Aftermarket Performance
    I figured I would post since I cant find my answers. I have a 2014 F350 6.7 My CP4 and turbo were faulty so we put in A CP4.2 conversion, new lines, injectors, Trans cooler, airdog 165 g4 pump, SPE Fuel saver kit, fuel filter delete, danville 63.5 vgt turbo Updated cylinder heads, arp studs...
  3. 1994-1997 OBS Power Stroke Aftermarket Performance
    I just finished up removing the stock cobra-neck downpipe from my truck. I was wondering if any of you have any advice when it comes to installing a 3" downpipe. I've heard people say that they cut the pinch weld on the firewall and/or hammer in the firewall to make it fit. I know I can figure...
  4. 11-16 6.7L Power Stroke Technical Info
    I'm having the squealing PROBLEM ... 327k mile 2014 6.7 😡😡😡 New: turbo (2nd one in last year - warranty), belt, alternators (yes dual alternator setup), exhaust manifolds and up pipes (1 yr old)... Got it out of the shop Friday but it's going right back in Monday 😡😡😡 What in the world could...
  5. 6.0L Power Stroke Technical Info
    Liquid is leaking from E450 6.0L turbocharger. The color is yellowish. It leaks at the spot where a bracket fastens the turbocharger and a big metal tube. The liquid evaporated at the leaking spot since a little bit of liquid stay on the bracket ring and turn to white smoke. I only smell...
  6. kr

    2006, powerstroke,4 in lift, 4 in turbo back S.S. straight pipe, edge juice attittude, air raid intake, moto metal 18 in rims, BFG ATs
1-6 of 6 Results