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  1. [6.0L - Technical Info]
    I used hotshots Stiction eliminator today. Changed my oil last week so I just drained 2 qts to add it. I can smell the Stiction eliminator coming from my exhaust now! Any thoughts as to why can cause this? Turbo seals maybe?
  2. [1994-1997 - Aftermarket & Performance]
    Just curious if anyone has painted an aluminized exhaust system before. I'm wondering if it would help protect against rust. I was thinking about using either high temp grill paint or possibly header paint. I know it not a permanent fix, just thought it might help prolong the life of the exhaust...
  3. kr


    2006, powerstroke,4 in lift, 4 in turbo back S.S. straight pipe, edge juice attittude, air raid intake, moto metal 18 in rims, BFG ATs