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  1. New From Southern Ohio

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    Howdy. Name is Troy. Recently purchased my 2nd PSD, and love it. I hope that what I'm doing, and plan to do in the immediate future, is not a dumb move. My first 7.3l Turbo was '02 F250 SD. Loved it, although didn't have it more than a couple months. Was excited to find '01 Excursion, for what i...
  2. 00-04 Ford Super Duty / Excursion trackbar repair bracket

    Suspension-Related Items
    (For sale $350) 2000 to 2004 Ford Super Duty F250, F350 and 2000-2005 Excursion 4X4 replacement spring perch, sway bar, and track bar / Sway Bar mount repair kit. Also fits F450 and F550 2 and 4 wheel drive trucks with leaf spring front end. The original spring perch and sway bar mount on the...
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  4. trk & trlr @ track

    trk & trlr @ track

    Hauling fun at the drag strip in Tulsa, OK