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  1. Transmission Related
    So, as the title says, I've recently installed a ZF5 NOT a ZF6 into a 7.3 super duty due to yet another 4r100 doing what they do best. Everything was actually plug and play surprisingly, but I've been having issues getting the clutch to disengage. What I did in order or the hydraulics to work...
  2. Transmission Related
    I have a 97 f350 with a zf5 and I just replaced the master cylinder and slave cylinder along with the heim joint mod. The clutch pedal is very hard to push down and very hard to put into gear now. Anyone have an idea what the problem is now?
  3. Transmission Related
    Recently my 97 7.3 wont go into gear while its running but when its off it will and also will grind when trying to put it into reverse. If I start it in gear and drive I can change gears but its really hard. It also came as an auto and was manual swapped I was wondering if this is just the...
1-3 of 3 Results