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axle swap

  1. 99-2004 Front Axle Swap to 2005+ Coil suspension QUESTIONS?

    1999-2010 Super Duty General Aftermarket
    Hey,I’ve been planning on doing a front suspension swap on my 1999.5 f250 to the coil suspension from 05+ superdutys, I found a whole front end off a 2008 truck for $300 and bought it,after research I realized a few parts won’t possibly work with the swap to my truck and had a few questions if...
  2. Dana 60 out of a 2008-2010 F250/350

    Engine and Drivetrain items
    I had a 2000 F250 that I was collecting parts to do a coil over axle swap on but I ended up selling the truck. I bought this axle from a guy in Phoenix a few months ago. It has 3:73 gears in it. The axle is in good shape and spins smoothly. Both hubs lock and unlock easily. It comes with the...