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  1. 6.0L Power Stroke Technical Info
    I know it's probably a long shot but figured I would ask anyways. Long story short I had my truck in 4high (towing through mud) afterwards with no trailer hooked up I hit the road in front of my house to knock all the mud off just a couple short launches nothing to bad. Afterwards pulled back...
  2. Transmission Related
    I have a 2004 Ex, 4WD, 6.0, and I'm having trans troubles after changing transfer case due to chasing down a grinding Noise and vibration. I installed a used transfer case and I got codes P2702 and P0761, but transmission shifted fine and no codes before this. Transmission now goes from 1st...
  3. Project Log Forum
    I found the nicest ford on copart man! What do you guys think, it looked great, looks good, and will look better than oem with cuatom lighting, custom projecor headlights and fog lights, all smoke to match body color, rebuild cost is: 4421.05 (y):unsure:(y):unsure:
  4. Transmission Related
    The other day my kids wanted to “hear the truck whistle” when we got done driving around. So they got out and stood next to the truck while I revved it up. The next day when I went to back out, the truck didn’t budge in R and didn’t even rev up. However it does rev in N, P, D, 1,2,3; but no...
  5. Transmission Related
    Ok so i just had the trans rebuilt by a fairly highly rated trans shop, and ive had nothing but problems out of it! When i first got it back it was falling out of gear at idle, and would only engage when revved. Then it started over heating and the tuner would show it commanding gears at the...
1-5 of 5 Results