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Motorsport Mustang
Motorsport Racing Package
#7 of 250 made Motorsport took 250 mustangs from Ford right off the assembly line, when they hauled them to Motorsport they had an unfinished 5.0 302 motor (block only), no transmission and no rear end (roller axle only), they built these cars to compete with the Mustang Saleen and Steeda aftermarket cars, the Corvettes that had performance packages and other beefed up cars. Kind of what Ford did with the F150 Lightning when they debuted them.
All the Motorsports were Black with Grey interior, all had checker board dash with Orange lighting, the motors were built with all racing components including over sized stainless Valves, they put a high rise aluminum intake with a 650 Holley on top, dual ram air breather, racing transmission, 8.8 Detroit locker rear with 373 gears. These cars were so fast and dangerous over half of them were wrecked within the first 3 years after they sold them.
1985 FORD Motorsport Mustang (Black)


Beast made for power.
Read the History section. ^^^^
Grey, checkered dash, orange dash lighting and racing gear shift, has line lock, switch is under dash right under key switch, Basically looks stock other than them extras.
Black LX with rear spoiler, blacked out tail lights, front blinkers and head light covers.
They came with Premium sound AM/FM Tape decks. I took mine out (saved it of course) and put in a Kenwood AM/FM/TAPE with 10 Disc changer under the seat, 4 10" subs, 4 Infinity Kappa Mid range speakers, 2 Infinity Kappa Tweeters, two 3-way Infinity 6", Two 1000+ Watt Amps, Two distribution power blocks with heavy fuses and shut offs, two 100,000 Capacitors, Monster cables and Battery shut off.
Security is top of the line alarm with GPS tracking, Engine Kill, line lock, auto-steering lock and High volume alarm speaker that can be heard miles away plus tones come over interior system to make it unbearable to people inside vehicle! LMAO
The suspension has all over sized bars and bushing, the rear shock system has 6 shocks, Quad for rear and 2 for Traction. Not sure how to explain it, you just have to see one of these and look at the set up!
Wheel and Tire
Stock 15" rims with Goodyear racing tires (Street/Race)


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