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Politics and Religion

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  1. GM Recalls 1.3 Million Cars!
  2. This just in - POTUS caught lip-syncing a speech...
  3. So is this the health care model?
  4. With all the political unrest, it is nice to see there is still support for Obama
  5. The Government Can
  6. Starting to make sense now
  7. Anyone here collecting unemployment benefits?
  8. Major Quake in Japan
  9. 2009 Recap
  10. It's about time our veterans got a break.
  11. Anyone watching the healthcare summit?
  12. Senator Tom Harkin
  13. Two Mexicans
  14. Walter fro President
  15. Great Video by Tom Brokaw on Canada/US perspective
  16. How busy we are Though it was interesting.
  17. Important notice - new disease discovered
  18. Obama Trial at Columbia coming in May
  19. Why no one invades the Swiss
  20. Glenn Beck @ CPAC
  21. George Will At The CPAC Convention.......
  22. UTAH!!!LOOK HERE, others it maybe comming
  23. Citigroup Warns Customers It May Refuse To Allow Withdrawals
  24. Capitalism, WTC 7 & The Real Government Conspiracy At Ground Zero
  25. Something I Think This Nation Needs To Remember
  26. Stephen Colbert calls Sarah Palin a retard
  27. Austin Plane Crash
  28. congressman Poe and white house trespassers
  29. IOUSA
  30. Comparison of Lincoln and Obama
  31. Marines-Dubya-Barry
  32. Redneck Word for the day: Obama
  33. College degrees and their increasing statistic...
  34. Unreleased 9/11 pics
  35. well i no who im voting for in '12
  36. Bush Billboard
  37. dear lord..
  38. Murtha's DEAD!
  39. Sex changes Tax Deductable?
  40. Joe Legal Vs. Jose Illegal
  41. Rough start to weekend...
  42. Lee Iacocca's book from '07
  43. Why We Fight Now: In the Global War on Terror
  44. So I watched some MSNBC last night
  45. Obama disses Las Vegas
  46. how big is a billion?
  47. terrorist catch and release program
  49. Fox News............
  50. Obama unveils 2011 budget with $3.83T in spending
  51. Obama Prayer
  52. Obama shoots down Republicans on live TV
  53. if george bush was an idiot....
  54. Small business tax credits for hiring new employees
  55. Awesome Commercial
  56. Bin Laden the environmentalist???
  57. Political Dreams
  58. State of the Union
  59. After the Speech
  60. Anyone see the STATE OF THE UNION speech?
  61. Dont buy this stamp!!!!!!!!!
  62. Transport Canada
  63. History of Conservatives and Liberals
  64. Ya Took It A Little Too Far..........
  65. Sobering Demographic Video
  66. State Of The Union Speech...........
  67. Obama underwrites offshore drilling.........in Brazil.......to a company whose larges
  68. one light bulb at a time
  69. Hope & Change......Promises Not Kept
  70. Clunker Math-
  71. Very interesting video
  72. need a new home page
  73. Any opinions on the Supreme Court's reversal of Campaign finance reform laws?
  75. U.S. Hit Haiti With 'Earthquake Weapon'
  76. Health care reform that makes sense
  77. Air America Ceases Live Programming, Will File for Bankruptcy
  78. The Ant and the Grasshopper
  79. Are you a democrat, Republican, or Redneck?
  80. Free will
  81. Hitler finds out that Scott Brown won
  82. suicide and salvation
  83. Adolf Hitler Learns of Brown Winning Mass Election
  84. Journalism: The Most Trusted Scam In America
  85. Your right Pocket
  86. Mary Jo's Revenge
  87. Dbag shooting up Appomattox
  88. It's Starting Now! Must See video..
  89. So who's going to win today?
  90. The Book of Eli
  91. This will be interesting
  92. How Conservatives and Liberals Evolved.
  93. Ronald Reagan LOL
  94. Wanna see how long you wait for health care in the UK and Canada here you go
  95. Can You Believe This Is CNN............
  96. She might as well take a dump on her son's grave....
  97. What a d-bag
  98. Obama's Healthcare Message To Americans
  99. Vintage Muslim Hypocrisy at its Finest
  100. What a d-bag
  101. So how much are we going to give Haiti?
  102. Obama's Citizenship?
  103. here we go with more ####
  104. Gingrich: I'm deeply worried
  105. The Hollow Man is here......
  106. Oops the Dems had it wrong again
  107. Save me Obama
  108. Good video
  109. something to offend everyone
  110. Funny Email.
  111. I don't get it...
  112. Detroit in Ruins!
  113. What Is Nullification?
  114. a letter from grandpa
  115. Iranian Woman on Islam
  116. Illegal Healthcare
  117. What is up with militant atheists?
  118. Racial profiling-- Yea or Nay???
  119. Damn
  120. White House Christmas tree....Discuss
  121. Christmas Eve Church services...who's going?
  122. Merry Christmas OBAMA!
  123. Nebraska
  124. Good for Texas!
  125. E-mail forward of the year
  126. church census
  127. Detroit in Ruins: Crowder Discovers No Town in Motown
  128. Why most religions count Female as an obstruction for spiritual development and restr
  129. Politically correct or incorrect?
  130. Would It Be Treasonous.......
  131. WSJ Rips apart Obama's banking policies
  132. Big Al Busted In Copenhagen............!!!
  133. New Bumper Sticker
  134. Obama Praying in a Mosque
  135. US health care tab to keep growing under overhaul
  136. Closed to commerate "Martyrdom"
  137. Recession............What Recession
  138. micro chip implant allows terrorists to talk to god
  139. Common Sense has passed away.
  140. Any fans of "The Architect"?
  141. Great TV editorial
  142. Barbara Walters has sticky fingers
  143. EPA Calls Greenhouse Gases a Public Threat
  144. LMAO!!!
  145. 12.7.41
  146. Lets Give this country to the Illegals
  147. The Somali Stock Exchange!, Pirates, Inc
  148. There's still hope-
  149. Cabnit Appointments: Private Sector Job Experience
  150. Yo Pocket
  151. Socrates
  152. Black Caucus tells Obama you've done too little for African Americans
  153. Google cutting down on news searches
  154. Prez does us in! AGAIN
  155. Sad To Watch...........
  156. obama paying the taliban
  157. White House 'gatecrashers' tied to terror sympathizer
  158. Reason to be proud of Obama?
  159. Global Warming Scandal
  160. Pray for Obama
  161. suregons
  162. Political Jokes
  163. Absolute pure BS
  164. Amen, Amen, Amen
  165. Even The Canadians Get it..............
  166. WOW - Comment
  167. Islam Compared To Israel...
  168. Like it or Leave it... Huckabee's Opinion
  169. Obama Care Loves You..
  170. Andrew Klavan on Culture today..............
  171. This will make you think....
  172. UN Considering Freedom Of Speech Ban.....
  173. Obama Administration ditches health rationing scam
  174. Nidal Hasan
  175. Sarah Palin-Going Rogue
  176. Tea Partiers Beaten
  177. Muslim Coward Hides on Ft Hood....
  178. Does this describe a few political views here?
  179. Lawmakers Seek to Award Casualty Benefits to Fort Hood Victims
  180. More of the same from him...
  181. Hmmm....
  182. Bowing Idiot Strikes Again............
  183. The nine scariest words in the english language
  184. Makes you think
  185. Confession
  186. Four U.S. mosques siezed by Fed........
  187. Obama Administration Intends to Purge Republicans From Civil Service
  189. Stimulus Job Report Wildly Exaggerated.......
  190. What the Bushes did for Ft. Hood families
  191. VP Bidden Runs Over & Kills Pedestrian.......
  192. How can we allow this in our streets!
  193. Please Watch This!!!!
  194. Couldnt have said it better myself
  195. Comrad Obama is Muslim
  196. Ft Hood Shooter.........
  197. A Good Video Discription Of The New Health Care Bill........
  198. Were screwed. We just don't know it yet.
  199. PELOSI: Buy a $15,000 Policy or Go to Jail
  200. 10.2% Unemployment........
  201. NBC News Affiliate Turns On Obama.......
  202. Exactly why I lub Al Gore
  203. Muslim killings at Ft. Hood, TX
  204. New Gun Non-ownership law proposed!
  205. ABC on Health Care
  206. Kick them ALL out project
  207. Great night for the GOP
  208. Hmmmmm Interesting guest list....
  209. 7 lies in less than 2 minutes
  210. Glenn Beck......
  211. Positive Outlook
  212. NPR Poll.........
  213. Lanny Davis on bias in the news
  214. A health care proposal you and I won't see
  215. Wow. She has more balls than her boss.
  216. funny email
  217. health care vote likley next week
  218. Grade your representitive
  219. Would you protect your neighbor?
  220. Here we go boys... !
  221. It's going to get Ugly!!
  222. What if bush had.....
  223. 8 more US soldiers killed in Afghanistan.
  224. Letter to Obama from Procter & Gamble Exec
  225. Greenies
  226. need a shot in the arm ??
  227. If George W. Bush.......
  228. Special Congratulations to Ted Kennedy
  229. New World Order
  230. BUCHANAN TO OBAMA, race issues
  231. Obama on dave letterman
  232. Good Ol' Perky...
  233. exercised my 4 amendment rights today
  234. CNN VS FOX Poll
  235. Curtis , I ...
  236. Best magnetic bumper sticker!!!!
  237. How to act like a 2 year old to get your way
  238. Good Song
  239. We can no longer compare Obama to Hitler...
  240. W-T-F? Where's my Obama money?
  241. U.S. Flags not allowed in U.S??
  242. Obama Administration: Fox News Is a Political Opponent
  243. Circle Flies
  244. This should piss off a few people....
  245. Globalization
  246. Economy... Fixed...
  247. Health Care Reform and "Tribal Mentality"
  248. The Real Effect of Cash for Clunkers ...
  249. CNN "fact checks" SNL
  250. Hope and Change caught on Video