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Politics and Religion

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  1. So how bout that ecanomy
  2. Now the government is gonna bail out union pensions
  3. Trenton NJ Issuing IDs for Illegal Immigrants....
  4. Bad Protest
  5. i just may have to move to texas
  6. Interesting read for Small Businesses...
  7. You Cut
  8. Financial Reform Bill Passes
  9. Rand Paul is Racist!!!
  10. Obama billboard in Marshall TX
  11. Difference in Liberals and Conservatives.
  12. Costa Mesa CA onboard with enforcement of illegal imigration
  13. Damn Insurgents...
  14. Arizona has come up with a response to LA's organized boycott
  15. I'll be dang....a teaparty rep wins in Kentucky!
  16. Bid to lift liability cap in spill is blocked
  17. No Sphincter, I mean Specter thread?
  18. WOW Stole From Comp D.
  19. Obama Dictatorship.........???
  20. Obama trying to ban all guns
  21. U.S. Border Security.............
  22. US court grants asylum to Zeituni Onyango
  23. Health care bill and Nancy Pelosi
  24. I Know This Isn't True.....
  25. Hitler predicted obama's presidency...
  26. UCSD MSA
  27. Well isn't this nice
  28. AG can't be bothered to read Immigration Bill
  29. Teacher Calling For Mexican Revolution In The USA....
  30. They Walk Amongst Us.............
  31. u get what u pay for at walmart
  32. Mosque to open at ground zero 9/11/11
  33. Those damn conspiracy theory people
  34. CBO: Health Care Bill Will Cost $115 Billion More Than Previously Assessed
  35. Tough Love In New Jersey.............
  36. AG Holder Refuses to Tie Terrorism, 'Radical Islam'
  37. Watch Eric Holder sqirm
  38. Get Ready To Grab Your Wallets.........
  39. Cap and Tax.............
  40. Roosevelt's On Immigration Circa 1907........
  41. Arizona Unsafe For Illinois Basketball Team....
  42. I am seeing red
  43. Lets not make BP pay for the clean up
  44. Cheap Tomatoes
  45. Proof Gun Control Doesn't Work???
  46. New Military Medal..........
  47. Amnesty, seperation of church & state, doesn't exist
  48. WWI Memorial Cross Stolen...............
  49. Fannie Mae seeks another $8.4 billion
  50. States pushing to follow AZ illegal immigration law
  51. Screw the dollar, lets make sure the Euro is king
  52. Michelle Obama spills the beans! Whoops!
  53. 4 Free tickets
  54. A Tale of Two Americas
  55. One Down........NEXT !!!
  56. Why the Greeks are so angry
  57. Interesting campaign ad
  58. WTF over
  59. Does Anyone Actually Believe This?
  60. email from rig hand on trans ocean rig explaing incident..
  61. National Day of Prayer
  62. Try this T-shirt on for size
  63. Is it racist or is it satire?
  64. muslims experiencing 32 virgins
  65. good old liberal debate tactics
  66. Freddie asks for another $10.6B
  67. Manning Predicts Revolution Soon ! ** Must See
  68. Best sign ever
  69. Bloomberg Smears Anti-Obamacare Activists As Terrorists
  70. Why for the last 16 yrs has this not been addressed?
  71. Muslim Suspect Arrested
  72. Al Gore Cashing In Carbon Credits..........???
  73. Lets tell everybody our secrets
  74. transocean hand from rig that burned
  75. Car Talk
  76. Arizona Law Videos...
  77. Ghonorea Lectim
  78. Who here belongs to the NRA?
  79. At a certain point you've made enough money
  80. Daley: Send gun industry lawsuit to World Court
  81. Fannie Mae owns patent on 'cap and trade' exchange???
  82. To my Texas conservative buddies
  83. Massachusetts Cape Wind Project Approved............
  84. No Rules for Radicals
  85. Santa Clara County leading the way to more Nannies
  86. Census mail results could be trouble for 5 states
  87. Bill Clinton: Timing Of Goldman Sachs Suit Is "Suspect"
  88. Noah's ark found
  89. This will be Obama entering Arizona
  90. Can someone tell me what the Arizona Immigration bill does and does not allow?
  91. HR 2499 Puerto Rico
  92. Texas Following Arizona.........???
  93. Utah following Arizona?
  94. Pocket???
  95. Obama to Muslim world: A 'new beginning' has started
  96. I thought it was the tea parties that were violent?
  97. Since everyone want's to talk about race
  98. Alright whiners...
  99. Republicans: "We told you so"
  100. "I'm young, I'm Democratic, and I'm a socialist,".........
  101. Drill, baby, drill
  102. The true cost of TARP. Are we being had?
  103. Obama Draws Fire for Appointing SEIU's Stern to Deficit Panel
  104. Is it racist????
  105. Okay WTF
  106. Glenn Beck gets called out by a bunch of ladies??
  107. Glenn Beck gets called out by a bunch of ladies??
  108. Rep. Johnson, Guam will Tip over and capsize because of Marine Corps
  109. Senator Boxer Accused of Race Politics*(oldy butta goody)
  111. Tax Day Tea Party - 2010
  112. Arizona Immigration Law
  113. While we were getting screwed.....
  114. Department of Education needs Tactical weapons?
  115. Vacation a human right
  116. Constitution free zones?
  117. Bush did it whaaaah.
  118. Interesting read. Rush V Slick Willie
  119. Discuss
  120. Wall Street Crackdown
  121. Open Carry
  122. "These are my people, Americans"
  123. Way To Go Arizona......!!!
  124. I'm sure this is just a technical/IT error.
  125. Our Reps Are CROOKS!
  126. Obama's disregard for media reaches new heights at nuclear summit
  127. I'm not the only dummy not approving wit obama
  128. If your federal tax bill is higher this year...you need a new accountant
  129. Ok Obama lovers. How can you justify this statement?
  130. Centrists are they real?
  131. Obama Crony Contracts.......
  132. The last line says it all...
  133. So much for not raising taxes on the middle class
  134. Are Americans Over Taxed.............
  135. Maxine Waters Tongue slip. lol
  136. Big shocker HCR does nothing to control costs
  137. Wonderful Irony...........
  138. help needed, my 15yr old daughter was caught high and admitted to cutting,
  139. Crash The Tea Party
  140. Were Confederate soldiers terrorists?
  141. time to throw them all out!!!
  142. New brake pads in WA?
  143. Someone explain...
  144. Politics and Religion threads - explained
  145. Government Health Care Bill H.R.3200 - Key Points
  147. Obama surrenders (us) to the Russians
  148. You picked a fine time to lead us barack
  149. Obama followers IQ?
  150. Guberment Involvement at its best
  151. Another Shoe Bomber..........
  152. Spreading the wealth
  153. Obama's New Foreign Policy.........
  154. Here comes the VAT tax........
  155. From Grand Junction Colorado......
  156. Gandy???
  157. Another Obama Promise Broken!
  158. I'm disipointed in you Gandy!
  159. Obama and Gandy Lovers???
  160. This is how the Dems plan to stay in power!
  161. Funny sarcastic video
  162. Socialism support by Intellectuals?
  163. When did it start being Obama's fault?
  164. A Kinsley Gaffe?
  165. Shouldn't he be fined for lying?
  166. When will it NOT be "W's" fault?
  167. doctor don't want obama voters
  168. NeverGetBusted.com Owners, Get Busted
  169. Fed's investigate "almost-obscene" Sign
  170. Bill O-Reilly knows Jack about President Reagan
  171. Obama's Census
  172. Hank Johnson(D) Worries Guam Could "Capsize" After Marine Buildup
  173. Walmart to fix the economy?
  174. Demand is down, supplies are up — but crude still rises
  175. So What Was The Issue When This Was The Republicans' Idea?
  176. We Were Warned..........
  177. There are some disgusting people in the world
  178. Republican Women vs Demoncrat Feminists
  179. What is the chance that nobody read the complete bill?
  180. Arizona Law Promises to Be 'Toughest' on Illegal Immigration
  181. I'm speechless
  182. Obama Transportation Secretary: ‘This Is the End of Favoring Motorized Transportation
  183. Think Cat had it bad?
  184. Long... but a good read for anyone but gandy
  185. New Government Programs
  186. Fidel Castro: Passage of Obama’s Health Care Plan Is “A Miracle”
  187. Caterpiller Economy.....Fall Out From Obama-Care
  188. New Healthcare Bill to cost Cat $100M
  189. 55% Favor Repeal of Health Care Bill.....
  190. Let me get this straight...
  191. Whats Good For The Goose..........
  192. Divorce your LIBTARD friends
  193. Biden drop's F--bomb with mike ON..
  194. Repeal the bill...
  195. Voting public...
  196. Al Sharpton admits Obama = Socialism
  197. Immigration - The next problem to address
  198. State Attorney Generals To File Constitutional Challenge To Obamacare
  199. Nightmare............
  200. stupid congress
  201. Does the President have the authority?
  202. reason to buy FORD
  203. More oil news-
  204. Hope and change
  205. It's like a clip from Poltergeist!
  206. Another rep switches vote to Yes on Obamacare
  207. Take From The Rich And Give To The Poor........
  208. One Honest Congressman.............
  209. More on Health Care
  210. Don't Ya Love the Homeless.....
  211. Time to succeed from the union?
  212. Greece Unrest....Forshadowing Of Things To Come
  213. Someone prove this wrong?
  214. Largest natural gas find in the world-
  215. Awesome...
  216. Evolution at work or
  217. Steve Bridges
  218. George Washington Turns Over in His Grave
  219. Stamp Malfunction
  220. Social Security to start cashing Uncle Sam's IOUs................
  221. Catholic hospitals support health care bill
  222. war experience
  223. robert fisk
  224. Pocket. Is This Real?
  225. Daily Devotions
  226. Utah House GOP leader says he paid off woman
  227. Rachel Maddow
  228. Grade our Leaders Success - CBS Poll
  229. When the Census takers come to your place...
  230. Good Read I Found. Science/2020 realities.
  231. What Do You Call.............
  232. federal strategy that could prohibit U.S. citizens from fishing the nation's oceans,
  233. Health Care Bill... Please Read!!
  234. Palin used Canadian Health Care
  235. More ACORN voter fraud
  236. Obama wins gold medal
  237. Drill or No-drill, you guess-
  238. Eric Massa
  239. obama at bat
  240. The Judge on Healthcare
  241. Free Criminal Education
  242. This Makes Sense
  243. Why they vote Demoncratic
  244. Ann Coulter, one heck of a....
  245. Where do you fit in?
  246. Should doctors be paid for results?
  247. The Patch
  249. Interesting...
  250. Repeat sex offender strikes again