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Politics and Religion

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  1. Hmmmmmm
  2. Is It Gods Way?Does God Have A Plan?
  3. 2012 Presedential Election
  5. Is the Gandy ill?
  6. Baptist Cowboy
  7. 1.6%
  8. Called my financial advisor today
  9. The Government's New Right to Track Your Every Move With GPS
  10. Cap and Trade
  11. Oil Eating Microbe
  12. Tepid Tea Party?
  13. WW III started in 1979
  14. Obama's Successful Stimulus Cost a Little More Than Planned
  15. Fire your economic team...
  16. Housing market tanks... Dow goes with it...
  17. Obama's failed stimulus costs more than Iraq war
  18. Nothing like spending $578M when you are $640M in the hole
  19. should we be afraid?
  20. I agree with Ann Coulter
  21. BP Spill Claims
  22. Ted Nugent Busted
  23. Obama 2012 campaign song
  24. Obama followers
  25. Troops Disciplined For Not Attending Religious Concert
  26. Here's your (stimulus) sign
  27. Did you vote for Obama?
  28. Angel Flight
  29. Double Dippers or The Inevitable
  30. Employment Map United States
  31. 1 in 4 Americans are so gullible
  32. 1 in 5 Americans are so gullible
  33. Big Brother strikes again
  34. Democrats Vote Down 5% Rule
  35. Would you turn them in?
  36. Dr. Laura To End Her Show
  37. Really Chicago... really???
  38. 545 people running your life ....!
  39. Future Democratic voters
  40. non citizen voting...possibly
  41. China is now #2 economically...
  42. Welfare/Drugscreen
  43. Corrupt Politicians
  44. Price of sugar going up?
  45. Christian church destroyed 9/11/2001
  46. 15 Economic statistics
  47. Obama orders bombing of NYC Mosque building.
  48. Liberal mind?
  49. Are we indirectly helping Iran go nuclear?
  50. New movie coming out
  51. Former President greats troops
  52. Dr. Laura coversation on race
  53. drinking age
  54. Do you believe there is a Dog?
  55. James Caan = BMF'er
  56. GM using bailout money to send jobs to Mexico?
  57. Newbie that wanted his name removed
  58. republicans/democrats
  59. Senator Ted Stevens Killed
  60. What breed are you?
  61. What would Gun Control Do?
  62. Black or White: Kids on Race
  63. House passes bill for teachers, public workers
  64. The one common goal of PSN politics
  65. Chuck Baldwin: D.C. Declares War On States
  66. Politics Poll
  67. PowerStroke People
  68. Cussing in Movies!
  69. Do you Believe there is A God??
  70. Fannie-Freddie Bailout: $148B and Counting
  71. I Got this ...
  72. Russian man dies in searing heat at sauna contest
  73. Abortion (Touchy subject I know)
  74. Glenn Beck named one of "The Blackest White Folks We Know"
  75. More homeowners who got federal mortgage aid fall behind
  76. An interview you wont see on TV
  77. I guess liberals just have to tax everyone
  78. Gun free zones hard at work
  79. obama's new method of rewarding those who took out loans they couldnt afford
  80. Political humor
  81. GM donates $41,000 to lawmakers' pet projects
  82. embargo?
  83. Gay marriage is coming to a city near you
  84. elena kagan
  85. No Sense of Humor
  86. We Need This Guy to Run for President!!!
  87. Napalitiano storing body scans
  88. Repeal the 14th Amendment?
  89. Free phone
  90. Obamacare in trouble?
  91. The Ideal Presidential Speech...
  92. What do you guys think of this?
  93. Pick Your Reason
  94. Carlin - The American Dream?
  95. Evolution, the poll
  96. funny email
  97. Obama bows to someone worthy
  98. Amnesty for illegals?
  99. Obama is victim of Bush's failed promises....
  100. Willie's World on Shirley Sherrod
  101. Proof Obama born in Africa.
  102. ONLY 4 TICKETS LEFT!!!!
  103. Obama says his father served in World War II
  104. non PC VW Commercial
  105. The French?
  106. I have seen the light
  107. Factcheck.org Spin
  108. Steve Wynn
  109. Student loans
  110. No more best friends for children?
  111. The welfare society and the democratic socialism
  112. Drug smuggling claim is clearly not accurate
  113. I FUKING LOVE TEXAS.................
  115. Michele Bachmann
  116. Hispanics that support AZ Law
  117. Equal Opportunity or Equal Outcome
  118. Origin of this statement?
  119. More housing market troubles but a question
  120. Obama tactics
  121. WOW is all I can say.
  122. Glan Beck
  123. Costly IRS Mandate Slipped into Health Bill
  124. Nope still don't like him
  125. It's NOT a tax, It IS a tax
  126. Tired of the BS?
  127. Center for Imigration Studies
  128. Hidden Cameras on the Arizona Border 2
  129. South Vietnam is still doing okay! Who knew?
  130. It's About Time
  131. andy roony on minorities
  132. Man I wish this guy was our Gov....
  133. More on the NRA (No rifles in parks)
  134. Mom's Obituary used to get out the vote against Reid
  135. Iowa Tea Party group's sign links Obama, Hitler
  136. list of illegals
  137. Obama Poll
  138. Court tosses FCC expletives policy
  139. Some thoughts on labor unions
  140. NAACP calls Tea parties racist
  141. Mel Gibson
  142. hate group plans to pickett a fallen soldier
  143. They fought for you
  144. Federal Judge rules gay marriage ban unconstitutional
  145. Gibbs stumped on immigration law suit
  146. Come To The USA
  147. Right to keep an bear arms
  148. GM introduces the 2011 Obamamobile
  149. A profound difference between the Right and the Left...
  150. Something called creation...
  151. Rise Above! (Anointed Fighter- Christian MMA)
  152. Excitement and anti communist.....
  153. Mexicans being bussed to US Schools
  154. The Declaration of Independance
  155. How Not To Cut Military Spending.....America the Weak.....
  156. Adding to a closed thread.... Amnesty
  157. Mexican Generals on the take from drug cartels??
  158. ADAMS: Inside the Black Panther case Anger, ignorance and lies
  159. Cities Discovering an Arizona Boycott May Do More Harm Than Good
  160. El Paso City Hall Under Attack From Mexico
  161. Spelling Lesson
  162. Travel Advisory For Arizona
  163. 11 reasons not to vote democrat
  164. the root problem
  165. Here comes amnesty...
  166. Obama slams Joe Barton
  167. Who would vote for this person?
  168. Define liberal & conservative
  169. New job application
  170. More on the Black Panthers case
  171. want to know what is going on in america
  172. Obama puts himself to good use
  173. Dr. Timothy McCarthy
  174. Email....
  175. SCOTUS Incorporated the 2nd to the States
  176. Take your "politically correctness" and shove it!!!
  177. US Tax money helping fund the Taliban
  178. A prayer or moment if silence please:
  179. Comparing federal law enforcement to Klan members
  180. What happens when you remove all traffic signs?
  181. House, Senate seal deal on financial reform
  182. Republicans kill Senate jobless aid measure
  183. House passes campaign finance bill
  184. Something called Evolution...
  185. Embarrassment or deception?
  186. Little Johnny on government
  187. US War on Drugs has failed to meet any of its goals
  188. Prison Inmates got millions in homebuyer tax credits
  189. You ain't got no pancake mix!
  190. McChrystal .. Resigning?
  191. U.K., Canada, and Japan smarter than us?
  192. Pay back time!
  193. Obama's new plan for amnesty for illegals
  194. "GasLand" on HBO
  195. Little history lesson for yall
  196. Secure the boarder Mr President?
  197. Canada's economy envied EH?
  198. UAW worker's pay
  200. "In God is our trust"
  201. Mexican Drug Cartels control parts of Arizona
  202. Greatest threat to America?
  203. Obama admintration, disgusting..
  204. This Guy.....
  205. Sobering first hand account's from the Deepwater Horizon's last moments.
  207. Coast Guard docks oil sucking barges
  208. looks like BP finally stopped the leak!
  209. This country is losing it's collective mind
  210. House Dems reach deal on campaign spending
  211. Residents angry over release of illegal immigrants
  212. Congressman grabs questioner
  213. Craig Morgan
  214. What didn't work in the Gulf in 1979....
  215. Bumper Sticker
  216. Obama using AZ immigration to bolster his re-election
  217. arizona vs comunifornia
  218. So why didn't we accept Dutch help in the Gulf?
  219. hats off to charlie daniels
  220. So how is that government oversight working out?
  222. Shouldn't government be run like WalMart?
  223. Even the left are fed up with Pelosi
  224. Flotilla Choir presents: We Con the World
  225. A pastor in Uganda (NSFW)-maybe
  226. Secure our Borders
  227. Our wars are expanding
  228. Ok, Obama Lovers, get your Pom Poms out
  229. What do you think of Beck's episode on the flotilla and Jews?
  230. New route for illegals?
  231. BP - Living definition of Custer Fluck
  232. Buffett couldn't forsee housing bubble
  233. Hillary Clinton....what can you say
  234. For Gandy
  235. you guys will get a kick out of this one...
  236. Al and Tipper Gore Separating After 40 Years
  237. Osama No Show @ Tomb of Unknown Soldier
  238. "Muslim-looking"
  239. Mexican Pirates
  240. Mexican Pirates
  241. Beck first a liar and now a hypocrite
  242. The Gun IS Civilization... EXCELLENT read
  243. This Cartoon Seemed Far-Fetched In 1948
  244. Obama is an Idiot
  245. The state of Sonora is furious at the Influx of Mexicans now flowing into Mexico
  246. dont suprise me...
  247. Bottom line.....period
  249. this is 7 flavers of piss me off
  250. Public school kids wearing KKK outfits