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Politics and Religion

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  1. Maine soldier killed by trainee.. WTF..
  2. Man sentenced to death in gruesome Conn. home invasion
  3. just when you think you have seen it all...
  4. Flash MOB!
  5. Immigration And Our Food
  6. Who is paying for it?
  7. Xbox Modder could spend 3 years in prison
  8. Solution at the Airport
  9. Politicians are like spoiled little brats
  10. Don't ask, don't tell. Debate, don't fight!
  11. Maybe this is why Suns_PSD thinks the economy is getting better
  12. Totally out of character
  13. Leave Willie ALONE....
  14. TARP's (bail out) only cost 3.5% of initial projections.
  16. Wikileaks...
  17. Since When Is Being Gay OK??
  18. Thank God for gun free zones
  19. Missouri And Immigrants
  20. Christian woman faces death for blasphemy
  21. What To Do If A Tea Party Family Moves Next Door To You
  22. Driving Miss Sarah! LOL
  23. Some interesting reading.
  24. Fair Tax
  25. Troops Say Gay's OK
  26. This should be Posted in every school in the USA
  27. Obama Needs 12 stitches in the lip....
  28. Well said by Rush...
  29. More than 600,000 people killed by secondhand smoke every year
  30. George Washington
  31. Barbara Bush Has It Right
  32. Where are you going?
  33. more economic news that concerns us all...
  34. $181,000 and hour.. WOW..
  36. "The" Mosque wants 9/11 grant money
  37. North korea..
  38. The Russians Don't Screw Around With Pirates
  39. Fine for leaving airport
  40. Gotta love Arizonans
  41. Some more Do as I say, not as I do...
  42. Honored
  43. Presidents job to be outsourced!
  44. I met a fairy?
  45. Obituary
  46. Another good one ...
  47. Civillian Jury Clears Terroist Of All but One Charge in U.S. Embassy Bombings
  48. Last night on Parker & Spitzer
  49. "Refudiate".....seriously?
  50. I thought this administration was medical marijuana friendly
  51. The crazy muslims are at it again, darn kids.
  52. "Refudiate"
  53. Up for rebuttal....
  54. I guess the Democrats really are after the small business owners after all.
  55. Interesting.
  56. Robert Welch's predictions of the US from 1958
  57. School Makes Boy Take American Flag Off Bike
  58. I.R.S. sits on data pointing to missing children
  59. Global Warming?? WTF??
  60. Even though your tax liability will go up.....
  61. Feds propose graphic cigarette warning labels
  62. 1 in 10 US kids are ADHD
  63. Racial Humor
  64. For those that don't know...Ida May Fuller & Social Security
  65. Good News For Taxpayers
  66. Boone Co. has been dry for 65 years- wet now.
  67. Obama needs an Oklahoma City Bombing?
  68. Take Back America
  69. Pelosi to create more jobs!!!!
  70. 72% unwed mothers rate? Really?
  71. Oakland Transit Officer gets 2 years
  72. Can you disprove this ?
  73. Warren/Flew Debate
  74. Recent Political Cartoons
  75. Keith Olbermann Suspended
  76. The Pelosi Poll
  77. Here's a good one ...
  78. Some Replublicans
  79. This is funny....
  80. More good news in the trucking industry...
  81. Predictions for the lame duck session
  82. I Was Waiting For This.
  83. Cali is STILL screwed
  84. Awaiting the News Conference
  85. DING DONG the witch is dead.
  86. Court hears arguments on violent video games
  87. are you a democrat republican or a redneck?
  88. 10 year old gives birth
  89. Polling Maps
  90. Starbuck's Tea is HOT - Another Suit
  91. 9/11 hijackers
  92. Someone voted "for" my parents
  93. Vote Tommorrow
  94. Don't Vote!
  95. So how do you vote...lesser of the two evils?
  96. Finally! A funny political ad!
  97. A Bear Tradgedy....Sad...
  98. Court: Girl, 4, can be sued for negligence
  99. Man arrested at state fair
  100. Wingnuts
  101. Guess liberals cant help it after all.....
  102. Republicans can "sit in the back"
  103. Obama on The Daily Show
  104. AZ voter identification law overturned
  105. Banks are no longer to big to fail?
  106. voting for icecream
  107. I thought this was an SEIU thing?
  108. 70% of the stimulus went to Medicaid & Schools
  109. Obama's trip to India
  111. WMDs in Iraq???
  112. Overhaul to undermine employer health coverage?
  113. Property Tax statement....*sigh*
  115. Prisoner Education
  116. Beijing, China 2030
  117. 48 of 50 states lost jobs since stimulus
  118. a letter a friend of mine wrote about our times
  119. School Buses Students to Vote, Gives Them Democrat-Only Sample Ballot
  120. Nuclear Codes
  121. So let us discuss the 2nd
  122. John Boehner is an idiot
  123. NPR fires Jaun Williams
  124. they blow up a building then get pissed when you express your veiw on them??
  125. How's this for illegal immigration policy?
  126. everytime you buy at citgo you support.....
  127. A Different Slant On The Obama Presidency
  128. State lawmakers targeting children of illegal immigrants
  129. Making criminals out of the good people
  130. Islamic court: OK to beat wife if no marks left
  131. Germany has figured it out.....
  132. Cash for Clunkers
  133. The day it all started....
  134. California to Legalize Marijuana
  135. Atheism, a response.
  136. More Bull#### Watch This.
  137. "Whitey" running for office
  138. Wisconsin Concealed Carry Ban Unconsititutional?
  139. Way to pay for the war's!
  140. can they really take the american flag out of schools
  141. This is BEYOND sick, cant believe there are people this evil
  142. Was O'Reilly wrong?
  143. Porn Condoms & HIV
  144. What do Obama Rush & Palin have in common?
  145. Violent and Property Crimes Drop
  146. New Movie: I want your money....
  147. Unreal. Obama administration blocks retransfer of surplus rifles...
  148. Chilean miners?
  149. Free Stuff in Multnomah County Oregon
  150. gandy
  151. Get ready for fuel to up..
  152. Congress & insider trading....where's the change
  153. Everyone can be a war hero now, right?
  154. Bear with me here
  155. Freedom of speech
  156. I think this sum's it up.
  157. interesting web site
  158. Would you give it back? FBI Tracking Device
  159. Judge Rules Health Law Is Constitutional
  160. California Air Resources Board made another Boo Boo
  161. The Night Before Elections
  162. School Bullying
  163. 72,000 stimulus payments went to dead people
  164. White House allows big firms to dodge health reforms
  165. Green Supremacists
  166. Why Do I Despise The EPA?
  167. Supreme court case: Phelps vs. Snyder
  168. Biden & Clinton to Switch for 2012 Election?
  169. Pics from a parade in la grange TX
  170. Trump???
  171. Sentenced to Life
  172. This is how Liberals think!
  173. I guess the majority prefer's tea over koolaid
  174. CNN Fires Rick Sanchez
  175. TARP Ends
  176. And it begins
  177. yeah the economy is great Rick
  178. Hate Speech Case In Front Of The Supreme's
  179. True Bi-Partisanship
  180. Health Care News / Warning
  181. Religious knowledge
  183. Right wing extremist Gandy
  184. UFO's
  185. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Fox News
  186. Government's break-even price for GM: $133.78
  187. Onyango (Obama's Aunt) still here
  188. McDonalds Death Ad
  189. Republicans blocked it?
  190. Funny email to me and maybe others
  191. Fire Pelosi Tour
  192. Did anyone see this on yahoo?!?!?
  194. Recession is OVER????
  195. Here's what the obamanation is coming to
  196. One take on the financial bailouts-a good read.
  197. Campaign-Finance Bill Stalls in Senate
  198. The Rally To Restore Sanity...
  199. stimulus money NOT well spent YOU MUST READ
  200. Palin/Beck what a losing combination
  201. Good read
  202. Got approved for a "Making Housing Affordable" modification
  203. The Ant and the Grasshopper
  204. Should they be allowed to built the Mosque, Take #2
  206. A person
  207. Have voters gone crazy?
  208. AIG in Talks to Fully Repay U.S. Bailout
  209. The Real health care issue....
  210. Why I voted for the democrats
  211. UK Teenager Banned From America For Life Over Obscene Obama Email
  212. Flag Code and propper flag etiquette
  213. Job Losses
  214. Prediction for November
  215. The wisdom of Jefferson
  216. A Soldier's Prayer
  217. Federal Employees owe $1 billion in back taxes
  218. Interesting MSNBC article
  219. Fox News for Dummies.....
  220. Our Enemy
  221. Friend of mine just started a new business
  222. oboma is on the tv right now
  223. This guy is really unhinged!
  224. Another flame thread
  225. Moving Mosque Could Ignite Violence..
  226. Abuse of Police Power?
  227. Kill Christians / Kill Muslims?
  228. Good night Gandy and your followers
  229. Islamic threats in church: bible burned, appeal to conversion
  230. Shuld opinins b aloud?
  231. should "they" be aloud to build the mosque???on ground zero???
  232. Arrested for protecting his home
  234. i thought this was interesting
  235. The Stimulus Has Worked
  236. Interesting video ...
  237. Wah Wah Wah "They talk about me like a dog"
  238. Worst President in History?
  239. Orlando Mosque Exposed - Terrorism Front
  241. Obama's sinking ship?
  243. Gandy's song
  244. Fellow Conservative Attacking Beck
  245. How Barack Obama Became Mr. Unpopular
  246. Thanks from Michelle Obama!
  247. Obama wants our money. What a Suprise!!
  248. Muslim Leader Admits Islam Not a Religion of Peace
  250. Hilarious!