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Politics and Religion

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  1. The heart filled with praise brings pleasure to God.
  2. Those who bless God in their trials
  3. The Failed Experiment of Multiculturalism.........
  4. Opinions on Libya?
  5. Obama and Libya
  6. Bio/WVO/WMO and road tax
  7. A gentle word of compliment falls lightly
  8. Herman Cain: "Hey liberals, the race card has expired"
  9. God had a wife?
  10. CBO: Obama understates deficits by $2.3 trillion
  11. ‘All Talk, No Action’
  12. Revenge restrained is a victory gained
  13. Health Care and Community
  14. Ferlin Husky
  15. Union wow factor!
  16. Hey Gandy....
  17. Even the hardest of souls might ask for help
  18. Democrats try to scam the election process
  19. Total Hyporcrisy!!!!
  20. The Religion Poll
  21. Religions! dont get too upset.
  22. God...What if.
  23. Trusting a good God who has His reasons.
  24. Government Entitlement Programs Amount to Over One-Third of Total Wages
  25. The poorest person is he whose only wealth is money.
  26. Obama calls for agreement on gun reforms
  27. Good speech from a congressman
  28. Police lower test standards for blacks
  29. RIP Owsley Stanley
  30. Michigan and Snyder
  31. Anybody see the endofamerica2011.com video- about the dollar
  32. New Obama Pistol!!!
  33. Sounds like a reasonable question to me....
  34. Georgia bill pretty f-ed up.
  35. Who here can see the problem?
  36. NPR & Federal Funding
  37. Newt in 2012 ?
  38. 10 poorest cities in the U.S.
  39. Obama, Bush and Gitmo
  40. ACTION NEEDED!......Obama Anti-gun appointee....
  41. Deaf Smith County TX Farmer is running for President of USA
  42. Phones In Church
  43. Dear Abby
  44. "Professional Courtesy" Should it exist?
  45. higher tax return than they pay in
  46. The middle east unrest
  47. ATF Allowed Guns into Mexico
  48. How liberals think.....
  49. Only here for the jobs.....
  50. Some Easy Cuts To The Budget
  51. How the fed works
  52. 2011 Where are we?
  53. Email funny
  54. SCOTUS rules in favor of Westboro
  55. Sad sad day
  56. from the bigot
  57. Huckabee is an idiot!
  58. Lovin it!
  59. White Only Scholarship
  60. Interesting Video
  61. Bird Feeder email
  62. Prayer request
  63. Some things to Ponder-Funny.
  64. Gandy: Logic or Compassion?
  65. How can you not believe in the death penalty
  66. Traffic jam
  67. Did freeing Iraq start the revolutions
  68. Georgia State Rep. Bobby Franklin
  69. islamic double standard
  70. Gun Laws Commercial
  71. Wisconsin Governor Punked
  72. How much spending needs to be cut / How much revenue needs to be increased
  73. The Gap Is Growing
  74. I don't know about those Republicans
  75. Who pays...
  76. What Gov't ran healthcare gets you
  77. Pirates Kill Hostages
  78. FDA knew of tainted wipes that killed two year old
  79. And this is why my kids pack a lunch for school
  80. Food prices to rise.
  81. GM says thanks for the bailout SUCKERS
  82. Fox News & Dirty Media Tricks
  83. Texas to possibly allow concealed handguns on campus
  84. Is this FAKE?......better read it anyway
  85. The following is closest to my personal feelings part II
  86. The following is the closest to my personal feelings.
  87. Its contagious!
  88. Hawaii 5-0 highlights extended mags
  89. Teachers Unions
  90. Ban of Nascar military sponsors
  91. A different point of view
  92. Food and NBC
  93. black garbage pail kids, race minstrelsy & white conservative masters
  94. Some Good truckin news:
  95. Oil Crisis Part Deux. Hold onto your lugnuts, it's time for an overhaul!
  96. Is this Arkansas lawmaker a racist?
  97. Deer Hunter Story moved to politics
  98. So proud of the Egyptian people
  99. Hey Gandy! Thought this was funny.
  100. More proof Boehner and his lackeys don't get it
  101. Miss. license plate proposed to honor KKK leader
  102. The Oil Crisis
  103. Confuse and Distract:Taxes
  104. Anybody watch the Obama/ O'Reilly interview?
  105. How to deal with annoying muslims
  106. Observations:
  107. Why does the Left support Radical Islam?
  108. U.S Report Card
  109. In case you missed it - Reading of the Declaration of Independence
  110. Who wants to buy me a beer?
  111. Let's hear you call this black man a racist.....
  112. Help for Poli-Sci Class
  113. NASA spots scores of potentially livable worlds
  114. Magazine Ban - Hide it in the FAA Bill
  115. Three Branches of Government: House, Senate, President
  116. The Irony?
  117. Florida Federal Judge Rules Individual Mandate Unconstitutional
  118. Internet 'kill switch' bill will return
  120. 10 states now developing eligibility-proof demands
  121. Free Cel phone
  122. Isakson proposes 2-year federal budget
  123. Have many of us said this before? Sound Familiar
  124. Financial Meltdown Was Avoidable
  125. CBO: U.S. budget deficit to hit $1.5 trillion
  126. Not impressed w/ the high flying rhetoric in the Union speech.
  127. im hearing sanity comming from washingtion
  128. Report: Bush administration broke law in '06 races
  129. China! China! China!-Wow!
  130. U.S. Covers Millions in Legal Fees for Ex-Freddie, Fannie Executives
  131. Just one wish
  132. U.S. Awards No-Bid Contract in Afghanistan
  133. Keith Olberman is gone!
  134. Only 33% of American's want BHO to serve a second term
  135. I'm embarrassed to say she's from Texas
  136. A History Lesson
  137. Social Security changes in 2011
  138. California Court Strikes Down Ammunition Law
  139. For the "Birthers"
  140. One subsidy down....
  141. Sarah Palin Battle Hymn
  142. "Demolition Man" A glimpse into our future?
  143. Poll - Obama Job Approval Up
  144. We just lost $473,830,939.10
  145. Tax hikes in Illinois!
  146. List of tax hikes from Obama care!
  147. Elected Officials Flunk Constitution Quiz
  148. America's 25-year love affair with Glocks.
  149. Herman Cain for President!!!
  150. Credit where credit is due
  151. AZ shooting and YOU???
  152. Shadow Goverment
  153. Repeal Obamacare
  154. Jon Stewart puts the AZ shooting political rhetoric in perspective
  155. Giffords Shooting Leads Two Lawmakers to Carry Guns
  156. Al Gore? Call your office, an Inconvenient Truth is waiting for you....
  157. AZ shooter gets top attorney...WTF?
  158. Liberal media and AZ shooter
  159. And here comes the gun control bills
  160. U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona dies after being shot
  161. Pelosi passes the Gavel
  162. My town helping waste YOUR (Federal) money
  163. Check this chit out
  164. 112th congress started off by reading the US constitution
  165. A Briton's opinion of Obama
  166. 82-Year-Old Man Nabs 2 Crooks
  167. Mark this date...Feb 2.....
  168. Trial set for firing over use of 'n' word
  169. House Republicans back away from pledge to cut $100 billion from budget
  170. House demolition
  171. Hung from the student center.
  172. Here's the answer for DADT controversy
  173. Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn.....SCREWED! (not each other)
  174. Hypothesis: Obama voters were prejudiced??
  175. Imagine
  176. What about Hilary running as VP with Obama? Possible?
  177. Obama administration is 'one of most corrupt'
  178. The End Comes In May 2011
  179. The Rite movie...
  180. Pretty Crazy Driving!
  181. GTFO Congress!
  182. "No refusal" DUI checkpoints
  183. Bush on Hannity. Great Interview
  184. Sex toys for legislative, judicial, or law enforcement purposes?
  185. Question for Christians
  186. Ohio Supreme Court shoots down local gun control
  187. Second degree murder= Probation?
  188. The "Death Panels" are back
  189. I am a father!
  190. Obama Calls Eagles Owner to Praise Vick??
  191. Many U.S. companies are hiring ... overseas
  192. I don't care if she is a female.....
  193. Merry Kwanzaa!
  194. Happy Christmas Eve
  195. Sacramento-area pilot punished for YouTube video
  196. sexual orientation in the military
  197. James Clapper
  198. How well informed are you?
  199. DADT is gone...
  200. Jesus was a liberal democrat
  201. Report: UK greased al-Megrahi's release
  202. Bunk or Truth? Looming Economic Crisis
  203. Deadly Spin
  204. Feds Force Okla. Bank To Remove Crosses, Bible Verse
  205. Bombs & Guns Slip Past TSA Screeners
  207. Tyrone and Mike
  208. Question about Jury Duty
  209. Houston store owner kills 3 would-be robbers
  210. freedom of speech
  211. US falls to average in education ranking
  212. Health care in the courts
  213. Federal judge strikes down PART of health care law
  214. Something to think about, why celebrate Christmas if you don't believe in Christ???
  215. Catholic or Christian?
  216. Dedicated the twins this morning
  217. Obama...what a puzzy.....
  218. Obama a 1 term president?
  219. OneHungry Planet?
  220. Senate blocks repeal of DADT
  221. Donald Trump for president?
  222. Damn Health Insurance went up again...
  223. So what will you do with your 2% "raise"?
  224. ATTA'Boy Barry!
  225. 'clash of cultures'
  226. LMAO
  227. Diesel Fuel Economic Indicator WSJ
  228. WikiLeaks?
  229. Taxpayers to make $12B on Citigroup bailout
  230. Epic Government Snafu
  231. Will Obama's Presidency be the one that saves America ?
  232. Repeating Message
  233. WikiLeaks Meets Its Match
  234. In regards to the 2nd Amendment
  235. Electronic Pick pocket
  236. Talk Radio junkies...
  237. President Obama kicks door down.
  238. Unemployment going to 10% +?
  239. Should this be protected free speech?
  240. Rangel.....what a waste of time
  241. Ineresting link
  242. Aren't you glad congress is taking care of.....
  243. The TSA will teach you your place
  244. Maine soldier killed by trainee.. WTF..
  245. Man sentenced to death in gruesome Conn. home invasion
  246. just when you think you have seen it all...
  247. Flash MOB!
  248. Immigration And Our Food
  249. Who is paying for it?
  250. Xbox Modder could spend 3 years in prison