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Re: Multiple Users from the same IP?

It's common to any network user of computers. Like Home depot, hotels, schools, organizations and businesses.
Some businesses have the same IP in multiple locations nation wide. If they have an internal network of computers for in house data, Only one needs to be internet enabled.
That one computer with internet access can allow remote access for another computer to use the internet from an entirely different state.

IP or ISP online locator's are probably less than 30% accurate. What those are suppose to locate is The internet service provider not an individual person browsing the internet anyway....

Several internet providers use dynamic IP addressing that shares the same IP among many users like the router described earlier. Many mobile devices do also. We know a wireless net user in N.Y. that IP locator's think is always in Kansas.

Others like high speed cable providers that are in multiple states will have a block of IP addresses assigned to them initially at their corporate head quarters location. Some are always assigned to their customers in other states.

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