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Re: 6.7L Tuned 350 tune!

Originally Posted by glasseater View Post
those have existed for years in the form of volkswagen diesels and even american manufacturers had diesel cars here in the past, volkswagen has been developing a diesel hybrid car that they claim can get close to 90mpg WITH all the emissions equipment... the early jetta tdi's got the best mileage of recent cars, they've been known to get over 60mpg on the highway and almost 50 in the city, WITH all the emissions equipment... imagine if they removed it, we'd have much higher than your 50mpg quote, we'd have 70-80mpg diesel cars (not hybrids with expensive batteries that are horrible for the environment to produce and dispose of) and if they didn't have to worry about engineering emissions equipment to meet EPA standards, they could develop new fuel mileage and power producing systems, which would probably raise the fuel mileage into the hundreds! it is possible i guess, just not with today's retards running our country
A few points and then I'll drop it.

There are a few cars that get 40's. But in the scheme of things that is nothing conmpared to requirements that all vehicles get high mileage.

I had a 2005.5 Jetta tdi that I did remove all of the emissions equipment (not much really, egr and CCV). It improved mpg from about 42 to 44.

I don't beleive in hybrids. That is fuel economy that doesn't count as the vehicles themselves are just too polluting w/ the heavy metals, batteries, and electricity production.

To be fair the "retards" running our country (technically it's a panel of 'experts' that independently decided how best to reduce pollution) they choose the exact same solution as every other country on the planet. Less tailpipe emisssions.

I'm officially...Stroke-less.
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