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Re: Hand Calculated Mileage figures, post them here!

Originally Posted by Abrannan19 View Post
here are my figures.

went 292.3 miles filled up with 17.77 gallons equal to 16.375 thats with a mix of city and interstate driving.

The computer said 17.2 mpg, told me I has used 16.69 gallons of fuel and it had been on for 8.47 hours.

also for those who asked about fill up time, it took .32 gallons after the first click to top it off.

I am going about 400 miles tomorrow gonna set the cruise at 70 and see what it will do.

Post up your hand calculated numbers, FWIW, my truck has almost 1200 miles on it.
It's really hard to compare mileage on fill ups. I can sometimes squeeze in slowly an extra 2 1/2 gallons if I have the patience.

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