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Re: Hand Calculated Mileage figures, post them here!

Originally Posted by vrsc View Post
I am averaging high 14- low 15 mpg with 3.55 gears. mixed city and highway miles unloaded. Every fill up, the lie-o-meter is off by 1 gallon of usage and 1 mpg. I fill my truck up the same every fill-up. How can the computer lose 1 gallon of fuel and not account for it? My lift goes on this week with 37's and I predict that my lifted 6.0 with the same size tires will out shine in mpg. Not too happy with the 6.7's mpg but everything else is all smiles.
I dont think the computer takes into account how many gallons of fuel is being sprayed into the DPF during a regen, thats about all I can think of.
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