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The Great Global Warming Hoax

The House of Representatives just passed the worst bill in American history yesterday. The Waxman Markey cap and trade bill HR 2454.
This bill will break America's back! We are the strongest nation in the world but not even America can withstand this kind of destructive legislation! This is not about saving the planet or creating new jobs.
This is about POWER MONEY AND CONTROL plain and simple. This is about controlling every aspect of our lives when coupled with socialized medicine.
You me everybody pays the price! This is suicide!
Obama says it will creat milllions of new jobs? Bullchit it will kill millions every year and cause more outsoucing of our industry.
Under this legislation our electricity rates will go up over 3,000 dollars per year for a family of four. It will cost estimated 9.6 trillion in new taxes do NOTHING to cool the earth. Estimated losses of 2.5 million jobs PER YEAR! Create very few new green jobs which most would be temporary .Fact is we have NO warming in the last ten years and we are cooling! Man cannot control the climate for God's sake and we are gonna waste trillions on this nonsensical legislation. Look at other countries who have tried this! How about Spain it did Not work for them!
This will do nothing to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and will more than likely shut down some of the few refineries we do have.
What I find most appaling is that C02 is Not a pollutant!

How is that for hope and change?

Fiction: Global warming is a threat that is rapidly getting worse each year.
Fact: There has been no global warming over the last decade. In fact, global average temperature was lower in 2008 than in 1998! [1]
Fiction: Sea levels could go up 20 feet, according to Al Gore.
Fact: Sea levels rose about 8 inches in the 20th century, and the rate has not increased in the 21st century! [2]
Fiction: We can cheaply reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
Fact: As President Obama said in the campaign, “Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.” [3]
Fiction: Cap-and-trade will help the economy by creating lots of new green jobs.
Fact: A recent economic analysis estimates that 2 million jobs would be lost if Congress enacted President Barack Obama’s cap-and-trade bill! [4]
Fiction: We can easily replace coal, oil, and natural gas with wind and solar power and ethanol.
Fact: 85% [5] of our energy comes from coal, oil, and natural gas. The alternatives are much more expensive [6] and less reliable! [7]

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Re: The Great Global Warming Hoax

i agee with you "W" and thanks for is a sad day for the American people, equal to last nov. the real travesty is that a lot of people will just say "heck my electric bill just doubled damned electric company!!!"
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Re: The Great Global Warming Hoax

Thats great info. I wanted to throw my coffee this morning when i heard that bill passed

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Re: The Great Global Warming Hoax

Pretty much voting along party lines....... Hopefully the next congressional election we can put a stop to this crap.....

This is not a good piece of legislation and just another way to make the average citizen pay the government....

Here's what the Democrats are thinking right now:
"Let's just cut taxes so we look good and then take 2 times that back with stuff they can't figure out we are doing"

America is not as stupid as they give us credit for......

Matt Robinson
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Originally Posted by PSDPlayer View Post
If you have nozzles that were Extrude honed over and over and over again. It will look like a porn stars ass.hole where the pintle is supposed to seal.
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Re: The Great Global Warming Hoax

Just a good read on why this is so stupid!

J O S H U A P U N D I T: Cap And Trade - 1200 Page Bill Passed Unread By The House
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Re: The Great Global Warming Hoax

If you look into the companies that will actually profit from this nonsense, you will find very interesting info. Pelosi and i forget the other liberals who have money invested in companies that stand to make a great deal of profit from us.

Somewhat of a derail, but on the global temps, any of you guys that ride a motorcycle ever notice the temp chance from asphault to concrete? We have several areas where one ends and the other starts and its like a 10degree wall. Can anybody explain why ashpault has to be black? A lighter color would surely reduce at least the percieved air temp in the cities
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Re: The Great Global Warming Hoax

I am an elecrician and I just want to back the "solar is inneficiant" thing. a three foot by six foot solar panel produces around one amp (120 watts) of power after converted to 120 volts, on a clear day at atleast 75 degrees which means in order to run a small air conditioning condensor (the cube shaped thing on the side of your house with a fan in the top of it) it would take somewhere around 1260 square feet (35x36 feet) of solar panels to run it. (most condensors besides some window units run on 240 volts so you have to use twice as many panels)

Not to mention start up (locked rotor) amps is usually about 130 to 150% so you will fry yous solar panels if you dont run your condensor on commercial power also.

As for wind power I have not dealt with wind turbines much, so I cant give an honest opinion on them.

better look out cuz the liberals are coming after our guns and ammunition soon again, so stock up. Make sure to buy rifles at gun shows, that way they dont have your name on them as far as the government knows.

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Re: The Great Global Warming Hoax

Here's the thing. They want to control our lives and this is the best way to seize it. These people are powermongers, megolamaiacs! I recorded the house on Friday there was some dem there running around screaming "this gives us the right to govern!!" Govern? this is not governing ths is tyranical rule!
obama see hinmself as the chosen one the supreme leader of the world. . I hope you read the post about "THIS is obama" it is a long article but it has the man pegged to a T!!!! He hates America and he hates whitey and he is gonna take us down! You think I am exaggerating about him better take a close look at this guy. Things are happening at a rapid pace.
This is a TAX no matter how they try to sell it. It costs Everybody! Farmers like me will be hit the worst , truckers, corporations that burn hydrocarbons. It will shut down the coal industry, shut it down!
What happened to green coal? I heard them say on the radio news that it will exempt farmers that is b-s I already talked to the ag secretary there were some things he was able to keep out however but it wil kil us because we raise cattle and Burn Hydrocarbons!!!. They are making cow flautelence an emmmison that needs controlled even! Methane gas!
People like algore will become billionares. We can make the transition to green technology but do it smart. To do it smart will take years! It doesn't have to be done right now there is a lot to be learned before it can be done efficently.
Spain and Australia are running from this type of program, why can't we learn from them?
You are right Chance solar is inefficent too. We have a couple solar wells and they are handy but there are three huge panels 3x 4 I think just for one tiny well pump that won't pump on a cloudy day. Wind power? Sure why not as long as the wind blows but enen there who is gonna build them? CHINA! we don't produce steel anymore do we?

'97 F-350 4-WD
E4OD 3.55 gears
7.3 I-C stage 1's
Termy modded 17*
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Re: The Great Global Warming Hoax

Larry, i was watching Fox news today and they quoted some liberal ( i think it was barney frank) talking about how the RICH farmers should be taxed. Now i can't speak for you, but the farmers around here are FAR from rich. Where do these people come up with this stuff
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Re: The Great Global Warming Hoax

This is just a sad day. Thanks for posting those facts. Was a good read.

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