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Re: Not allowed to post a classified add?

Originally Posted by bigben104 View Post
yea im having this same prob but ive posted my truck for sale a few weeks ago and sold it on here now i try and post some of the thing that came of my truck before i sold it and its sayin i havent been a member long enough whats goin on with this because if im not gona be able to post things for sale while im a memeber, why i will just delete my acount, i really dont want to do it b/c this forum have great info so please somebody let me know something

Somebody that knows something will be along soon. We were having issues with scammers joining the site to list in the classifieds and try to scam people. The Powers that be decided to change it to where you had to be a member for a certain period or a certain number of posts before you could list something in the classifieds. With this being your first post, you probably got mixed up in there.

BTW: I agree with the previous two posters.

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