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Re: classifieds scammer

They're really not scared of the police or anyone here, they're overseas packed like sardines in matchbox hotels sending 1000's of scams per day for a bowl of rice and a maggot infested rat, or 1/2 a rat if they don't make quota! They're not gonna stop so just get used to their keywords, (or as the Dems call they're propaganda) talking points! Seriously if you get taken by these 3rd world hustlers I wouldn't cry to loudly, they make it pretty obvious.

On edit: There also some legit scams here in the US mostly S.W. They see your add on a free sight or Fleebay and promise/ garuntee they will sell your Car/Truck in _________ and will give a refund if not sold. They quit answering their Ph after the time and fold-up to start again under a new name. They seem real because they actualy do put-up a sight where you and the rest of the sheep can see your pics. The only responses you'll get are the Scammers!

Cost me $200 last year, I chalk that up to "stupid tax"!

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