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Re: The Centaurus Resurrection

Originally Posted by dodgetruck2 View Post
Well looks like i need to invest in some band clamps i thought id give these ubolt style a chance but my exhaust is just moving all over heck and i cant rattle them clamps any tighter, its actually shifted around and cut my speed sensor wiring yesterday, I have had to do this on every other system ive owned why did i expect this one to be any different
A trick I learned is when you get the exhaust positioned where you want it, take a 1/8 or 3/16 drill bit and drill a hole in the overlapping joints. Fire a pop rivet in and your exhaust will stay put. If you ever have to change something, that same drill bit removed the rivet in less than 30 seconds. It's the only way I've ever gotten duals to match and actually stay that way. Even better if you use band clamps and go thru them as well.
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