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Re: Electrical issue

Originally Posted by tater97 View Post
Resurrection.... Ok any new guys got some simple schematics or drawings on where wires go from the fuse beyond...please help its throwing off my maintenance and I am sick of it....
I don't see any common pinch points in the circuit. It's a short as it blows the fuse. The circuit is hot all times (ign off). It feeds from the under hood fuse box. Should be 15 amp fuse, 95-96 anyway. Here's whats on the fuse: Courtesy lamps (doors and jab switches) Underhood light, power mirrors, Vanity mirrors(i'm guessing this was an option on the visor mirror--wire from the roof might rub) Speedo memory, warning chime, keyless entry, Dome light (feeds thru head light switch) If the truck is an XLT the rear cargo light on the cab roof is part of the courtesy lamps. I'd look for chafed wires where I could. If none found, I'd disconnect everything on the circuit one by one to find the short. You also could rig a 15 amp circuit breaker and substitue it for the #8 fuse. That will give you more time to run it down as the breaker cycles without damage to the wiring. Hope that helps.

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