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Re: Math aficionados in here please!

Originally Posted by JonFord View Post
Miles driven=M Fuel used=F
M / F = MPG

Now if at a true 70 mph but showing 75, divide the real mph (70) by shown mph (75). 70/75= .933333333

Then multiply MPH by .9333333 or what ever number you have and wala.


600 miles

11 gallons


75 speedometer reading 70 real MPH


54.54/.933=50.909 real mpg
You have a couple mistakes, but I get what your saying.

I'm sure you meant for me to multiply Miles Per Gallon (MPG), not Miles Per Hour (MPH) by .933.

And in your example, I know you meant to post your example as:
54.54 x .933, not 54.54/.933, right?

Just curious though, when I multiply 54.54 by .933, I get 50.88582

Now all that said, you really need to check the miles driven (actual) versus what your odometer is showing.

I knew my true MPG would be less than the 15.54 MPG I got with my last tank, I just didn't know how to factor in the 5 MPH difference, that's why I asked for the formula so I could get my actual MPG.

I don't understand what your last quoted paragraph has to do with the formula.


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